Vogue 1198 Wool Jacket

Vogue 1198 pattern cover.
If there was a Hall of Fame for patterns, I would be nominating Vogue 1198.  This is the pattern I used for my Leather Jacket which everyone loves, including my 17 year old daughter, who was constantly "borrowing" it.  We decided it was time for her to have her own Vogue 1198, but with winter in full force here, she decided to choose a wool. 

I had about 10 options for her to choose from in my stash, not thinking that she would ever choose my favorite.  It was a blue-grey wool from Ralph Lauren- very high quality.  I had earmarked that one for ME.  But, what can I say- the girl has good taste.  She chose that one.  When I told her that I really didn't think she was "ready" for it, that she needed to be older and more responsible, and that I really wanted that one for myself, she said "But I REALLY want it, Mommy".  Oh well.
Front view showing asymmetrical collar.

How do I love thee, Vogue 1198?  Let me count the ways.

Back with awesome belt.
1.  Back double elastic belt.  This is everyone's favorite part of the jacket- this belt is the best. 

Close-up of zippers and collar.

2.    Zippers.  Bad-ass angled front zipper.  Adds attitude.  Don't mess with me, can't you see my zipper isn't straight?  Zippered pockets. Great for keeping things safe.

Front view
 3.  The perfect size asymmetrical collar.  Not too big, not too small, just right.

Side view
4.  The fit.  So comfy.  I added 2 inches to the length, but that is the only change.

Plenty warm for snowy days.
5.  Princess seams.  So flattering to every figure.
Happy daughter!
Really, if you don't have this pattern yet, run to your fabric store and buy it!  It includes bust sizes from 32-55.  Doesn't take much fabric. Between 2 to 2-5/8 yards for the smallest to largest sizes.  I won't say that it's easy, but Sandra Betzina's instructions are really good and will walk you through it.

And no, I am not getting any commissions from Vogue or Sandra Betzina. I just love this pattern!  I'm sure that I'll be making it again, and again, and again.



  1. Great looking jacket! You've sold me on the pattern. I'll be picking it up at the next Vogue pattern sale.

  2. I love the back belt detail , the collar and the zippers. They look a bit difficult for me though . Your daughter is very pretty she really looks like you.

  3. Well with all of those recommendations it sounds like a winner! Gorgeous photos - your daughter looks lovely in that awesome jacket - bad ass zippers and all!!

  4. Wonderful garment for your lovely mini-me. Perfect colours for her - no wonder she REALLY wanted it :)

  5. Just gorgeous! Your daughter has good taste. :)

  6. It really is beautiful! Your daughter is a lovely young woman and does that gorgeous jacket and beloved wool justice.

  7. I'm convinced:-) Both of these jackets can sell this pattern better than the Vogue pics. Loved yours but now your daughter's has put me over the edge. You are a kind mother to let go of that wonderful fabric as well as make her such a lovely jacket.

  8. Love it!!!! There goes my pattern diet - gee thanks. ;-)

  9. This looks fabulous and I just went back and saw your leather version, "WOW". I can see why this jacket pattern is a favorite of yours. Wish I had a need for a jacket like this! Love the playful photos in the snow. Your daughter has a beautiful smile!

  10. How lovely!!! I wish I could sew as well as you!!! I am going to buy this pattern!! I'll save it till I am as advanced a seamstress as you.


  11. Fantastic, you convinced me, going to have to get that pattern. And some wool stash (lol). Your daughter looks beautiful in her designer coat.

  12. How awesome is the coat. Your daughter is a beauty and looks so happy. Major mommy points for giving up your fav fabric.

  13. You've convinced me. :D That's one fabulous jacket! Your daughter is beautiful too. :)

  14. Lovely! I'm a new follower and just voted for your coat at PR.

  15. Hi Ann,
    Just wanted to let you know that we like your two versions of V1198 so much that we posted a link from our Vogue Patterns facebook page. Both jackets are beautiful.

  16. So is this keeping her away from your leather jacket now? haha


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