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The Scientific Seamstress

I’m CarlaC, the Scientific Seamstress, and I’m so honored to be guest posting here today!  SewBaby has recently added downloadable e-patterns to their lineup of wonderful sewing products including Scientific Seamstress and SisBoom e-patterns.  I’ve been working with these types of patterns for several years now, and really love the versatility and convenience they offer.  If you’ve never sewn from an e-pattern, you are probably wondering how the process compares to using a traditional paper pattern.  I’m going to take you through the basic steps: 1) Select and purchase your pattern , just like you would a paper pattern. Instead of a physical package, you will receive an email that contains one or more .pdf files as attachments.   2) With a single click, your PDF is opened with Acrobat Reader.  If you don’t already have the software on your computer, you can download it for free from 3) At this point, you have your instructions in front of you.  As with paper patte

Smplicity's Khaliah Ali Vest pattern

This vest is from Simplicity 2635 , Khaliah Ali Plus Size sportswear pattern which includes tunic, dress, vest and pants.  This is a lined vest, and the construction is pretty nifty. You sew everything together except for the side seams, turn it, and then sew the side seams of the lining and the outer fabric in one shot. It's hard to describe, but the Simplicity people have done a good job in illustrating it. I have decided that I really like vests! I made one last fall, and found it to be a great piece in my wardrobe that was less constricting than a jacket, but offered the same tummy camouflaging benefit, as well as just enough warmth. The one that I had made was rather short, so I was looking for one that had a longer line, and this pattern fit that requirement.   I like all of the Khaliah Ali patterns- they are very stylish and flattering for a larger figure. This vest pattern has princess seams in front and back, faux welt pockets, as well as a nicely shaped hem front. Th

Making Blouses that Fit

I hardly ever find button front shirts or blouses in RTW that fit.  They are usually either too short for my orangutan arms, or if I find a blouse that fits in the bust, the shoulders are way too big.  So, I decided to try making my own with Simplicity 2758 .  This is one of the Threads Collection patterns that has multiple cup sizes.  However, even with the multiple cup sizes, I think choosing the size can really be a challenge.  If I would have gone with the sizing on the envelope, I would have made a size 18 allover with the D cup front.  What I did was make a 14 in the neck, shoulders and back, and then only used the 18 D cup for the front.  It fits absolutely to perfection- I can't tell you how THRILLED I am.  But why use two sizes to make one blouse?  It turns out that if you take your high bust measurement, by measuring tightly above your bust, that is really a better measurement for choosing the neck and shoulder size from a pattern.  Then you measure the widest part of y

Think Spring Skirts

Although we aren't predicted to break above 30 degrees for the whole next week, focusing on my Spring SWAP has been taking my mind off of cold weather.  I used Simplicity 2451 to make both a navy blue and off white skirt.  I have to say, this is a superb pattern.  I loved everything about it- the pockets, the slight curve at the bottom, the wide curved waistband.  And I would rate it as an Easy pattern for beginning sewists. It's always difficult for me to know what size to choose because my waist measurement is two sizes above my hip measurement.  Usually I'll cut the waistband one size larger, and that works out.  But with this one, the waistband is curved with pockets, and I thought it best to make it up as designed for one size.  So, I started with the size 16 (this is equivalent to a 12 in ready to wear).  This is the white one.  I lined this one, and it feels so luxurious going on.  It was a little loose, so I decided to make the blue skirt in the size 14 (about a

Logo Ideas Round two

Choosing a new logo is proving to be more difficult than we thought, so we've added a few new ones to the mix.  Please vote in the poll at the right for your favorite! #1.  Original Logo with an updated color and font.  #2.   A Sprig of Heart flowers: #3.  Lotus Heart Flower: #4.  Stitched Heart:

Vote for a new SewBaby Logo!

SewBaby is coming up on it's 16th anniversary, and I'm thinking she could use a little facelift!  Here are some logos that we're considering.  Please help us choose!  There is a poll at the right, but please also feel free to give feedback in the comments section. #1.  #2 #3.  

The Incredible Shrinking Jacket

Sometimes things don't turn out like you envsion when you are sewing for yourself.  You can either pitch it (which I've done plenty), or like Tim Gunn likes to say, you can "make it work"! I bought 3 yards of this beautiful Vera Wang Ribbon Faille fabric, and thought it would be the perfect overcoat for Spring.  I couldn't wait to make it, even though Spring is weeks away, so I chose the simplest pattern that I could, and made it in an evening.  It looked good to me that night, but like a drunken sailor, the next day, it just looked awful.  I don't blame the pattern- the pattern is just fine.  And the fabric is just fine too.  Just not that pattern and this fabric together. The fabric is really, really light- it weighs virtually nothing, so it doesn't drape like this particular pattern needed.  It just kind of sticks out.  Imagine the styrofoam packing fabric that you get wrapped around dishes, and you'll get close to what this fabric weighs and h