Silhouette pattern 312 Giorgio's Top

Happy New Year, everyone!  I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last blogged.  Time has a way of flying by!  My first sewing project for the new year is from a pattern company that has been around for a while, but that I haven't tried yet- Silhouette patterns by Peggy Sagers.

The pattern that I chose was Giorgio's Top, which is a top pattern designed for knits that gives the illusion of a peplum.  There isn't a separate waist or peplum piece, so it is extremely easy to sew.  The line drawing shows a set in sleeve, but the actual pattern has the sleeve cut on the side front and back pieces, so that there is a seam that will run down the center of your sleeve from the neck.

Peggy's patterns are different in the fact that the sizes are listed with the finished garment measurements.   However, that didn't make choosing a size any easier.  I think that the waist and bust measurements got reversed on the back of the pattern envelope, as the waist measurements are all listed 3 inches larger than the bust, which would be pretty unusual, so I just went with my gut and chose a size 4.

My fabric was a red ponte knit that had just a little stretch to it.  I knew that I wanted a thicker knit so that the faux peplum would have some body.  The fit on the body was way too large in the waist, and way too tight in the sleeves.  I nipped in the side front and back seams just under the bust about 1" on each seam to give it some shape, thus reducing the original waist by 4 inches.  

The sleeve piece was a little more involved.  Because the sleeve is cut on the side front and back pieces, the stretch of the fabric ends up going with the length of the sleeve.  If my fabric would have had stretch in both length, and width, the sleeve might have fit, but because it didn't, I needed to cut a new sleeve.  I removed the too tight section, measured it, and cut a one piece sleeve that was large enough to go around my arms, and laid it so that the stretch of the fabric would go around the sleeve as well. 

I also added 1-1/2 inches to the body pieces and the new sleeve piece.    I had enough fabric to make a straight skirt from Mccalls 6654- a great basic knit skirt pattern that sews up in 30 minutes. The white pants are from Vogue 1200, which I made last year. 

I like the end result!  It's really comfortable, and the fabric is warm enough to wear in winter in Illinois.  It does look far better with a belt, and the neckline needs either a necklace or scarf.   I do recommend the pattern, but watch out for potential problems with the sleeve if your fabric doesn't have a lot of stretch to it, like mine, and be prepared to nip in the waist if you like a more fitted look.

Happy Sewing!