De-Stashing- Black Fabrics

I love black fabrics, but for some reason, never sew them up!  So, I want them to go to good homes where they will be used.  Black fabrics are difficult to photograph, so I'll try to describe them to the best of my ability and show photos where I could get a distinct picture. 

Contact me at with the numbers that you are interested in, along with your zip code, and I can give you a shipping quote.  If you take 6 or more fabrics, the shipping is on me for US residents.  Shipping will be the cheapest way, or free for US with 6 or more pieces

#5.  Black nylon/spandex, heavy weight, just like you see in activewear leggings.  54" wide, 2-1/4 yards. $10

#6.  Black Nylon Taffeta.  Soft and flexible, with a light sheen.  Lovely fabric.  Perfect for a trenchcoat.  64", 4-1/2 yards. $18

#11.  Black Striated Jersey.  Polyester knit with a beautiful, almost irridescent sheen.  Has striated pattern on one side, smooth on the other.  Could use either as the right side.  Liquid look.  1-1/2 yards, 60". $6
Fabric 11

#12.  Black Iridescent Polyester Satin.  2-1/2 yards, 60".  Soft, nice hand. $6

Fabric 12

#15.  Diagonal Weave Poly/Spandex Double Knit.  This one has a high spandex content.  I was going to use if for leggings, but you could also do a very form fitting dress.  It's heavyweight with very high stretch.  You can see diagonal ribs on one side, smooth on the other.  3 yards, 48" wide. $15
Fabric 15

#21.  Black/Cream/Gold Nylon Lycra Border Print.  2-7/8 yards, 60” wide. Great swimwear or exercise fabric.  $18

Fabric 21

 #22.  Liquid Look Black Jersey.  2-3/8 yards, 100% poly, 56” wide.  Very soft, thin, fantastic drape and shine.  $12.
Fabric 22

#25.   Vera Wang Navy/Black Wool/Nylon Boucle Coating.  4 yards, 60” wide, Heavyweight, Loosely woven with a large, but subtle plaid design.  $40

Fabric 25

#26.  Vera Wang White/Black Geometric Cotton Jacquard.  Woven design of white ovals inside black squares.  1-1/8 yards.  100% cotton.  Medium-heavy weight. Perfect for a pencil skirt.  $7
Fabric 26

#27.  Vera Wang Black Textured Suiting.  5 yards, 60” wide, 100% poly.  Medium weight, beautiful suiting with a raised shimmery ribbon like texture.  $30
Fabric #27

Thanks for looking!