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Watercolor Chiffon Caftan

Addendum 6/2/20.  I have to say that writing a blog post about sewing during this time of intense social upheaval feels very strange.  The photos of myself smiling for this post belie the fact that my heart is breaking for the black community and the injustice that they have had to endure.  I stand with the protesters and support change in our justice system and equality for all in our society. With Compassion, Ann **************************************** Today is my youngest daughter's 27th birthday.  Ahh, how time flies!  Unfortunately, we can't spend it with her because she lives in California, as does our middle daughter.  It was my plan to visit both of them this summer, but it looks like those plans are on hold until a vaccine is developed.  But, in my Illinois imagination, I have made this ocean blue watercolor like caftan, as what I envision a California mom would wear by the poolside to celebrate her adult daughter's birthday.

Pink Pajamas with McCalls 7696

I love new pajamas!  They signify the changing of the seasons, and this year, in particular, I was really looking forward to when I could wear something lighter and brighter! I don't see too many people posting about sewing their own pajamas, so either people are too shy to pose in them for photos, or they are happy to sleep in an old t-shirt- which I did for many, many years!  It wasn't until I bought a pair of high end pajamas at a store on clearance that I discovered how luxurious real woven pajamas can feel! For these pajamas, I used a rayon challis in a coral pink lattice print.   For the pattern, I used McCall's 7696 which is a two piece pajama set with various sleeve options.