About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!  My name is Ann Brodsky, and I love to sew!  I'd rather sew than do just about anything else, but I also do enjoy cooking, gardening, yoga and travel. 

I was lucky enough to have a very patient Mom who taught me how to sew over the course of a whole decade from when I was 8 until I left for college at 18!  After a few years of dabbling in other jobs, I opened up my own sewing pattern business, SewBaby, in 1994.   I still run SewBaby, and I also work as a mentor and volunteer coordinator for our local school district, which keeps me very busy.

I am married to a very supportive husband, who always encourages me to try new things.  I also have three daughters, who are now grown, so I don't sew many baby things anymore.  Instead, I focus on creating beautiful clothes and home decorating for myself and family.  I also teach private sewing lessons in Champaign, Illinois, so if you are in the area and would like to learn how to sew, please feel free to contact me at sewbaby@gmail.com. 

My blog is primarily a diary for me to remember what I've made and when.  But, I hope that others will draw inspiration from it, as I do from reading other blogs. 

Happy Sewing!

Ann Brodsky


  1. Bonito dia. Me encanta su costura y su sencillez. La felicito por tan bella experiencia de amor. Ese es un detalle que su hija atesorara por siempre. Dios las bendiga.
    Nota: perdone que me exprese en español, no domino el ingles.
    Pero para el cariño y la amistad no hay fronteras.

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