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Ruby Red Velvet Dress

For the 4th FabricMart Fabrics Fabricista Challenge, we are supposed to make the Perfect Red Dress, and create a story for when we would wear it.  So, here is my dress and my story. Fast forward to February 14, 2015. /Scene/:  The winds are howling outside. The windows are laced with snow. My husband lights a fire and I light the candles.  It's Valentine's Day.   I pour a glass of wine while he checks the oven.  Dinner is almost ready.  I put on my ruby velvet dress and my strand of pearls.  He puts on his velour tracksuit from the 70's. No need to go out to dinner. It's a perfect Valentine's Day right here. /End Scene/ Hope you head on over to the Fabricista Challenge page on the FabricMart Blog and vote for your favorite red dress!  Voting is Wednesday and Thursday, and the winner is announced on Friday. If you're still reading, here is the rest of the story: Living in Illinois, where it will get to be zero degrees Fahren

Fabricista Challenge #3- Copying a Ready-to-Wear Piece

9/26/14- Update:  I'm still in the running, but the winner of this challenge was Sue from ILovetoSew.  Check here to see her sharp looking jean jacket that won the prize!   Our next challenge is to make "the Perfect Red Dress".  Yikes!  Off to figure out what to sew! I bought this navy sleeveless top from The Limited a few years ago, and reach for it often.   The neckline is flattering and unusual.  Why, oh, why didn’t I buy it in every color?   So, for this challenge, Fabricista Challenge #3 ,  I decided to copy it.  I feel like a Double Mint Twin in these pictures! I wonder who is the evil twin? Probably the one in the navy top- she looks like she is cooking up a scheme.  I’ve looked at it from the inside before, and was very curious how they put it together.    The front neckline was a mystery to me. Was that a dart?   Or a pleat?   Or ruching?   Well, the designer must have been either a genius or a madman, because it is all 3 together!   I’v

Fabricista Challenge #2- It's All About the Fit!

9/19/14-Update.  I won this challenge!   Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support.  My competition had some really great garments, so I feel very fortunate to have eeked out a win.   I'm so excited to try my prize- 3 Pamela's Patterns! And when I told my husband that I'd won, he said- "I guess we'll have to upgrade our anniversary dinner to Burger King." LOL! Our 2nd challenge for the Fabric Mart Fabricista Challeng e was to make a well-fitting garment out of solid color fabric.  We could make anything that we wanted to and use any pattern this time round!  My 28 th wedding anniversary is coming up, so for this challenge I decided to make a special occasion dress.    My husband’s favorite color is purple, and our bridesmaids wore eggplant gowns, so I grabbed this eggplant satin as a nod to both of those things.  The pattern, Vogue 1118, has an asymmetrical bodice and curved skirt seams, lining, s