Fabricista Challenge #1- The Scout Tee

I'm a contestant in the Fabric Mart Fabricista challenge.  Our first challenge is to use the Scout Tee pattern as a base, and put our own personal spin on the pattern.  This is the required pattern:
Now the contest entries are posted, so I can show you my finished top!
I used pieces from 3 different silk saris.  These were of various shapes and sizes, and I was just in love with the colors of the border print.  You can see the pieces in this post.   I am super happy with how it turned out. Here is the back view showing the border placement.

And a little closer view of the yoke:

 I think it looks good with casual shorts as well as dressy pants!

Here's a little closer view of the front.

 And a closer view of the front yoke.  I love those little elephants.

And the side view. Yes, I matched my stripes!

I will definitely have to fight to keep my daughters from stealing this one.  Two of them have already asked "Can I have it?" LOL

There are really some AMAZING entries.  Please head over to the Fabric Mart Blog and vote for your favorite!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Fabulous top and what a great use of the sari scraps. This top looks beautiful on you.

  2. I love this and would also try to steal it :) The colors are so pretty and you combined different pieces in a great way.

  3. Lovely! And what great use of the scraps.

  4. Thanks, Vicki! I'm so glad that the previous owner kept them, and passed them on.

  5. Gorgeous sari = gorgeous top! Really like how you styled it, too. :)


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