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Win A Yard Wednesday!

Win A Yard Wednesday Contest! 
 This is our special contest that happens on one Wednesday of each month.

 We'll have a different contest each time, and you'll have the chance to win a yard of fabric!

That's right, a WHOLE YARD!!!!!
All you have to do is come up with a creative name for
this cute jersey knit fabric below. Scroll down for full contest rules.

Here's How You Can Win:

1) The fabric name must include the main description & color(s) of object, shape, design, animal,etc.

2) The fabric name must include the main background color (ex: WHITE)

3) Comment on our Win A Yard Wednesday Facebook Post or SewBaby News Blog Post (http://sewbabynews.blogspot.com/) with your creative, cute, super fancy fabric name.
Example Name: Pink Hearts & Bluey Green Leopard Print on White
This is a very boring, straight forward, unexciting example name:
We want you to get creative!

We will pick a winner TODAY at 2pm (CST)!

The winner will receive a FREE YARD of this fabric, and the name will be the fabric's given online name! You'll be famous!

Ottobre Designs Women's SS 2012 Magazine

Pre-Order the new Spring/Summer 2012 issue of OTTOBRE Design Women's Magazine!  They should arrive at our facility any day now...but get your copy fast while they last!

This issue includes 20 trendy designs and complete patterns and instructions for sewing for women in European sizes 34-52.  Approximately US Women’s size 4-20.  The Finnish magazine is written in English.  The patterns are printed on a master pattern sheet and need to be traced to preserve the master pattern.  Ottobre Women’s designs are very wearable and shown on real life models. They are coming all the way from Finland!   So, if you are dying for spring & summer outfits and want to get started sewing something fabulous, pre-order your copy now!

New Spring 2012 Ottobre Design's Children's Magazine

 Check out the new Spring 2012 issues of OTTOBRE Design Children's Magazine!  OTTOBRE Design is a magazine specializing in children's and youth fashion. Each issue includes more than forty trendy designs and complete patterns and instruction for sewing.  They came all the way from Finland,   So, if you are dying for spring outfits and want to get started sewing something fabulous, order your copy now!

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WIN a SewBaby Gift Card!

WIN a SewBaby gift card!
My Image & Young Image Summer 2012 Sewing Contest!
Enter NOW!

My Image & Young Image Summer 2012 magazines have some amazing patterns! 
We want to see you make them, so we're having a contest! 

(2) FIRST prize winners   
(1) first prize winner for a My Image creation &   
(1) first prize winner for a Young Image creation
1st Prize Winners will win a $50 SewBaby Gift Card!

(1) SECOND prize winner:  
(1) second prize from either a My Image creation OR Young Image creation
2nd Prize Winner will win a $25 SewBaby Gift Card!
Contest Deadline  
is May 1st @ NOON CST
Winners will be chosen and announced May 2nd @ 1pm CST


*RULE 1*  
Sew and create one piece or more from the patterns in either
These magazines come with traceable patterns. 
Try using this Swedish tracing paper: works great!
*RULE 2*  
When finished, you must take and submit 1 full length picture(s) of your finished piece(s)
(1 picture per piece)  

Photo Options & Tips   
*If you made the piece for yourself from My Image, take a picture of you wearing it! 
*If you made a piece from Young Image, have your daughter, grand daughter or a youngster wear the piece and snap a picture! 
*Lay piece on a clean & flat surface and snap a picture!
*Wear piece and take in front of a neutral & minimal wall space. 
*Get your "MODEL" on!  Doll yourself up with your favorite matching jewelry, shoes, or handbags!

*RULE 3* 
 Send us your submissions: 

Contest Submissions must be entered at the following e.mail address only:

What To Include In Your E.mail Submission: 
Your Name (First & Last)
Your picture(s) attached to the e.mail.  
Pattern Name of the piece(s) you made


We will create a Facebook photo album and upload all of the entry pictures to our SewBaby Facebook page!

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Sew Baby

Vogue 1283 Tom and Linda Platt Red Dress

See my shrubs in the background?  I woke up to a Winter Wonderland today, and decided that I had to get a picture outside.  Everything was covered with the most gorgeous frost!

Patternreview.com is having a Red Dress contest for the first two weeks of February.  When I saw this brand new Vogue pattern this weekend, I knew just what I wanted to make.  This is from Vogue 1283 which is a Tom and Linda Platt design.

I  really liked the wave ruching in the front, and the fact that it had long sleeves- a rarity for dress patterns these days.  I didn't like that there were no finished garment measurements on the pattern anywhere!  I rely on the finished garments to decide what size to make, and if I need to tweak it any.  And you couldn't even really guess on your own, because the pattern pieces are really skewed with the ruching. So, I cut it out a size bigger than I thought I'd need, and I added 3 inches to the length.  Turns out I'm glad I did.  This is a CLOSE FITTING and SHORT design.
Of course your fabric choice will make a huge difference in how it fits. I can tell that my fabric was too thin.  I used a lightweight rayon jersey that I got from fabricmartfabrics.com for $1.99/yd.  The dress has a self lining, so I didn't want anything too heavy or thick. But it definitely needs something a little more substantial to show off the ruching- probably an ITY knit would be good.

And even with the 3 inches in length added, this is way above my knee!  (I'm 5"9" for reference.) 

Close-up of the wave. (I'm not really that busty- just a weird angle!)
Was the "wave" hard?  No, not at all.  This is where I have to give Vogue a standing ovation.  Their markings were spot on, and as long as you mark the fabric, you'll have no trouble figuring out where things go.

Wow is that a BRIGHT red outside!  It doesn't seem so bright inside.  I'd love to wear it with a black cardigan to make it more wearable for work, but then it would hide the pretty wave design.

Anyway- I DO recommend this pattern.  Just use a heavier fabric than I used, and make sure to check the length before you cut if you are tall like me!


Leopard Print Sheath Dress Vogue 8319

Sleeveless on a February day in Illinois?
I made this dress for my daughter last November, but just was able to get a photo of it today.  Can you believe she's wearing a sleeveless dress outside in February in Illinois?  What a winter!
Vogue 8319

This is from Vogue 8319, an out-of-print pattern that I've had for a number of years.   I have always loved the lines of this design.  It looks very Jackie-O style on the cover of the pattern, so it was a bit of a stretch to make it suitable for a 21 year old to wear in 2012.  I chose a leopard print stretch sateen and lined it with a taupe polyester lining. 
Trim and neckline details
At first, when I sewed the darts together, I could see that they would be completely lost in the print.  So I went through my trim box, and found a black piping like trim with little gold accents.  I undid the darts, and inserted the trim.   The only problem with this pattern  was the neckline gaped quite a bit.  I fixed this by taking several tiny pleats around the neckline. 

Exposed Zipper
I've been seeing exposed zippers a lot in RTW, and decided that this would be a good dress to try it on.  I think it fits with the leopard fabric.  At first, I could tell that she didn't care much for it.  But after we tried it with a belt, I think that she liked it a lot more.  When it was cold out, she was wearing it with a black turtleneck underneath, black tights, and boots, which looked great.  I'm pretty sure that she's wearing it quite a bit now, so I'm happy!  I think it fits her shape and personality.