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2019 Resolution #1: Being Reflective

One night when I was going to yoga class, it was a rainy night and in the parking lot, I almost ran over a woman because I couldn't see her!  This got me thinking about how I could make my own work-out jacket more visible at night.  I had purchased a pack of pink reflective tape a couple of years ago when Hancock fabrics was going out of business.  It included three widths of tape that you just iron on.  I couldn't decide which width I liked best, so I used all three!  I added some of the wide width on the back, medium width on the sleeve seam and thin width at the front yoke.  I think that it really made the jacket a lot more interesting as well as making it safer to walk at night! I made an entire set of workout wear to go with the jacket as well.  For my jacket, I used Butterick 6386 for the pattern.  For the leggings, I used Simplicity 8212.  All of my fabrics came from Fabric Mart.  I only used the printed knit to line the hood, and the majority of the j