New Ellie Inspired Patterns!

 Do you love knit fabrics?  Do you love patterns?  Do you love sewing?  Then these patterns by Ellie Inspired are perfect for you!  They are exclusively designed for knits!

With the wide selection of styles, you'll be able to create a super cute outfit for your little ones.  Plus, the knit fabric and easy wash & wear care makes it an instant hit for moms. 

Snap Sale at SewBaby!

It's that time of year again!  No, not Halloween or Thanksgiving, but time to stock on snaps with our biannual Snap Sale!  Take 20% off of any snap product with the coupon code SNAPS20 through 11/8/11!  In addition to the coupon, if you order 6 packages of snaps, you will qualify to get an additional $3 off for a quantity discount!  Why snaps?  They are faster than buttons, easier than zippers, and don't damage your clothes like velcro.  What is not to love? 

Our line of snaps is from the Snap Source, and we carry a HUGE range of their products.  If you are unfamiliar with the Snap Source- here are just a few of the MUST HAVE items that they manufacture.

1.  THE Snap Setter.  (Yes, I meant to capitalize the THE, because it is the only snap setter that I use!)
  The snap setter is a three part high impact plastic tool, that magically sets your snaps with just a few hits of a hammer.  The snaps come out perfect with this tool, unlike plier type tools that can let the snap parts shift in the process.  The snap setter comes in several sizes, according to what size snap you are setting.
Each snap has 4 parts- the top (which can be a cap or a ring), the socket, the stud, and the bottom ring.  The snap setter comes with instructions on how to put all of these pieces together in the right order.

2.  Open Ring Snaps.  These are the kind that when applied, look like a ring, with fabric filling in the middle.  They come in a dozen different colors, and are perfect for leg openings for baby clothes, baby bibs, pacifier holders, or anything else that you need a simple closure.

3.  Capped Snaps.  These are the kind that are solid circles, they come in a couple of dozen colors, and 5 sizes!  Size 14- the smallest- for baby and doll clothes.  Size 15- for infant and toddlers.  Size 16-the most popular size- for toddlers and up, size 20- when you need a larger snap, and size 24- the largest- great for adult fleece coats!
There are so many colors to choose from, that it can be overwhelming.  That's why we have them in assortments so that you can try several colors from just one package.

4.  Pearl Snaps.  These have a metallic outer ring that is filled in with a pearlized center  Beautiful!  You see these on Western wear a lot, but I think think they look great on girls' clothing as well.

So, take advantage of this great sale and stock up!  Remember, the coupon code is SNAPS20 and it is good only until 11/8/11!  Our experience is that some colors do sell out quickly, so don't wait until the last minute if you have a particular color preference.