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OTTOBRE Design Children's Autumn 2012 Issue

OTTOBRE Design Children's Autumn 4/2012 Issue is now available at SewBaby !!! Get your issue here ! OTTOBRE Design is a magazine specializing in children's and youth fashion. Each issue includes more than forty trendy designs and complete patterns and instruction for sewing. The Finnish magazine is written in English.  The patterns are printed on a master pattern sheet and need to be traced to preserve the master pattern.  Includes patterns for sizes 56-170 cm (by height), which includes infant through youth sizes.  You will love having these fashion forward patterns for children at your fingertips! A centimeter to inches conversion calculator can be found here . Selected pages from magazine can be viewed here .

Maxi Dress Mania! McCall's 6559

This hot, hot summer, I've found my uniform- the Maxi Dress.  One in a blue ITY knit print. So easy to sew, so easy to wear!  They AREN'T hot, and they ARE easy to walk in! Made from a hot pink ITY Knit Print. My pattern of choice- McCall's 6559 .  I've made it myself 6 times!  Three for me, and one for each of my daughters. I love maxi dresses because you can sit cross-legged without worrying about your dress. My daughter in an ITY aqua knit. My next door neighbor and her daughter came over for a maxi-dress making party. My daughter in a rayon tie-dye jersey knit. My sewing 102 students all made one.  It seems that ALL ages, and All shapes and sizes can wear this and look fantastic! Good for lounging, studying my new patterns.  This one is a cotton jersey stripe. My tips for this pattern: 1.  I'm 5 feet 9 inches, and do not need to add any length!  Thus, if you are shorter, you will need to shorten the pattern. 2.  The neckli

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