Seamingly Smitten Pattern Giveaway!

Hello Everybody!  We would like to introduce you to the talented e-pattern designer Jennifer Hall of Seamingly Smitten!    SewBaby just started carrying her e-patterns that range from ruffled girlie dresses to stylish women's apparel!  Take a look at all of her patterns here.

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We will choose one winner next Monday April 23rd!
Get to know Jennifer a little better below!

Where did you grow-up, where did you go to school, where do you live now?  
Tell us about your family.I live in Baton Rouge, LA and graduated from LSU. My husband and I have 2 young children.

    How did you learn how to sew, and what kinds of things do you like to sew now?
When I was 7 years old, my grandmother laid the groundwork for sewing. During the summer she would watch my sister and I and we would love to run into her guest room and open her closet doors, where she stored her sewing machine, fabrics, buttons and trims. She would let me practice sewing straight line after straight line on old towels until she thought I was ready for real fabric. Some of my first projects were a pillow, a headband, a wrap skirt and some pants. Back then we called them palazzo pants – very 80’s! I didn’t sew again for years. During my husband’s residency I had extra time and began sewing on a daily basis again. I mostly sewed for our home: throw pillows, curtains, a duvet cover and aprons. Once we had a little boy and girl in our family I started to sew clothing and was totally smitten! My favorite things to sew are dresses and skirts for my daughter; tunics and sundresses for myself and shorts and appliqu├ęd shirts for my son. It is really hard to go into a store and not think, “I can make that!” when I look at kids’ clothing, so my list of things to sew always grows!

      What advice do you have for beginning sewers? 
Go for it! Don’t be intimidated by something you do not know how to do. Read tutorials online for things you want to make. The more and more tutorials you read online, the more you will understand how something goes together. You can learn so many tips and tricks from other people’s blogs because they show you what works and they talk about what doesn’t work for them.

      When did you start designing sewing patterns?  
I never had Home Ec in high school, so didn’t learn to follow big brand patterns. When I began sewing for my children I would sketch it out, figure out the measurements based on a piece of clothing they had and would go from there. The more I did this, the more I learned how to scale my own patterns and create my own designs. I sewed clothing for 4 years before I started designing patterns to sell.
      What makes your patterns unique?

They are designed with the beginner sewer in mind, but the designs still have that boutique look. I try to focus on classic looks because I want to inspire others to get started and fall in love, become SMITTEN, with sewing. I’m a visual learner, so my patterns are also chock full of photographs.

      Tell us your inspiration for the name "Seamingly Smitten".
I started a sewing blog to keep track of my projects and to watch them develop over time. I wanted the name to express how passionate I was about sewing – it made me giddy – excited – it was inspiring and challenging! I was smitten – head over heels – and as a play on words I wasn’t “seemingly” smitten, I was “Seamingly Smitten.”

      How do you make time for everything you want to do?
Oh I wish I could! I have notebooks filled with ideas for sewing patterns, 2 inspiration boards full of fashion designs that inspire me, a to-do list of sewing projects to sew for each child and a list of things to sew for the house. When I’m ready to sew, first I choose the fabric that most inspires me that day and pick the project to make after that.

      What are your other interests?
My family means the world to me, I love being a mom and playing with my children. I love cooking and trying out new recipes – especially anything Italian. But my true passion and my first interest is sewing of course!