Ottobre Love

We just got the new women's Ottobre issue in stock, and I think it is one of their best ever! Their designs are so wearable, and I love how they show them on real people of all ages and sizes.  Ottobre magazine is designed and printed in Finland, but is written in English.  We also have the new children's issue which is amazing as well.

Here are the line drawings for all of the patterns in this issue. 

I'm planning on starting with the Mildred wrap- it looks so stylish, yet will be so easy to sew.  I like how they've used two of them together in this outfit.  I love the simple dress on this page too.  The black dress underneath it is an adaptation of the Creative Workshop t-shirt pattern for women too.  They use this base pattern in just about every new issue.

I've been starting to run lately, and as soon as the weather turns cooler, I'm going to need some new workout wear. All of the outfits from their workout wear page look fabulous:

I picked up some Dry-flex fabric a couple of months ago that will be perfect for these. 

Then this Pea Coat is really jumping out at me!  It has all of the features that I would want in a jacket.  I have some magenta wool tweed that I can see making this up in.  But, that will have to wait.

What pieces do you like in this issue?