My Image Pattern Magazine Interview and Giveaway!

I am happy to introduce you to the creators of My Image and Young Image pattern magazines- Martin and Jet.  They were kind enough to answer a few questions, and to offer a giveaway of 1 each of their Spring/Summer women's and children's issues.   SewBaby is the exclusive US dealer for both magazines.

You have three ways to enter the giveaway- you can enter up to three times if you enter all three ways. The Giveaway will close on Sunday, March 20th, and we will announce the winners on Monday March 21st!  Good luck!
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Design from My Image Spring/Summer 2011

I know that there are two of you. Please tell me your names, and your roles in the business.
 We are Jet and Martin. Jet is making patterns for 20 years now. Martin is graphical designer and creates the design of the magazines. We work together for 6 years now.

Design from My Image Spring Summer Issue 2011

Where do you live?
We live both in the east of Holland, about 1,5 hours from Amsterdam.

Design from My Image Spring Summer Issue 2011
What inspired you to start My Image Magazine?
We have both worked for years for a number of other home-sewing magazines. Because the cooperation between us went very well, we decided to start a magazine for ourselves with our own modern twist.

Designs from Young Image Spring Summer 2011

How do you choose the designs for each issue?
A long time before we make new editions, we find inspiration by looking at the fashion of next season. We visit big fashion fairs and we look carefully to the colours, models and details of the clothes.

Designs from Young Image Spring Summer 2011

What is the process of turning a design into a pattern?
First we work out our ideas into drawings. Then we test out all models to see which ones are suitable for our magazine. We make the selected models in the sizes we believe are appropriate for that certain pattern. Example: Cute children dresses aren’t quite suitable for teens, so sizing them in 164 of 176 is useless. Same with harem pants in size 44 and bigger. Because we have a limited budget and we’ve chosen to price our magazines low, we must think of these things carefully.
After sizing the patterns, we make fabric diagrams, pattern sheets and work instructions. Finally, Martin will make the total design of the magazines.

Designs from Young Image Spring Summer Issue 2011

What is your favorite part of running your business?
We are thrilled to turn ideas into patterns for people all over the world. It’s an big challenge to make appealing patterns for the majority of the market. The combination of creativity and translating this creativity into a magazine is very challenging. We believe that home sewing has plenty of future, when the pattern designs are mostly following the latest trends of an upcoming season. There are already thousands and thousands “old-fashioned” patterns available where people can choose from, we’re trying to make “new” fashion, so people have the possibility to choose.

Where do you find your beautiful fabrics?
We work together with a great fabric supplier in Holland, which is known for its beautiful fabrics. We carefully choose the fabrics which will do justice to our pattern designs. We also try to create sets which match colourwise with each other to create the right “image” for our magazines.

How did you learn to sew, and what advice do you have for beginning sewists?
I’ve learned to sew at 16. I followed a few sewing classes in my spare time. After several years I began creating designs for friends and family and discovered that this is what I love to do.
My advice for beginning sewists is to learn which way of sewing and what style suites you best. I recommend to take a few sewing lessons to get the basics right. Start with nice and simple models, this way sewing remains nice and relaxing, like hobbies should be ;-)

Thank you for sharing!  We adore your magazines!