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McKenna and Stylish Sprouts contest

I just had to share this wonderfully creative entry for our Sweet 16 contest by Charla McCaw.  Don't you just love the mix of fabrics and rickrack, and the applique just makes it all come together!   Of course, the model is just as cute as she can be!  This came from Charla: Hi!  This was the first outfit I'd ever made for my daughter & I found it surprisingly easy (which was good since I started making it 48 hours before the birthday party- LOL!) I used the McKenna Pattern by Bonnie Blue Designs & since the birthday was in October, I made the ruffle pants from the Twirl Top and Pants Pattern designed by Susan Huberty for SewBaby.  I felt like I had a boutique looking outfit & the ability to say- "I made it for her myself!"  My friends were so surprised and impressed.  :)  (So was I.) Thanks! Other big news!  We are teaming up with Sandra Betzina for a children's clothing contest!  Enter your children's garment and description for th

Pendleton Wool Love at First Sight

I went to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA a few weeks ago.  One of the things that I look forward to at the show is the Pendleton Woolen Mills booth.  When I was learning to sew (back in the 70's!), Pendleton sold yardage in the best fabric stores.  It was expensive, but you knew that you were getting the absolute best wool fabric available.  I haven't seen it available in fabric stores in my area for many years, so being able to buy it at the expo is a real treat. So, this year, I came home with this beautiful jade and cream houndstooth from their booth.  I purchased three yards, and tucked it in a basket, not completely in view, but not hidden either. Two of my three daughters saw it immediately, and let their desire for it be known.  I had originally thought I would make something for myself out of it, but just let it sit there for a few days, contemplating it's fate.  Then one day, oldest daughter came into my office, telling me that she had been dreamin

Green Trenchcoat McCalls 5525

This is the second time that I've made this trenchcoat- last year I made a red stretch denim one for my middle daughter.  Youngest daughter kept wearing it as if it were her own, until the car that it was stashed in got stolen, and then no one could wear it but the thief.  Of course, we missed the convenience of the car, but I think the red trenchcoat was missed the most!   Luckily, the car with the coat still in the trunk showed up a couple of months later. Anyway, I knew it was time to make her her very own, and since she is a ginger, green is her color.  This pattern is Mccall's 5525 which has both classic trench features and some more trendy features if you prefer like bell sleeves and a round collar.  I made the classic double breasted trench with all of the bells and whistles- front gun flap, epaulets, sleeve bands, pocket flaps and back storm flap.  My favorite part of this coat however is a surprise- you can't see it, but it is a gorgeous scarf panel lining.  I h

Terrific Teepees!

People always tell me how much more fun it is to sew for girls, than boys.  But, you can find things that boys like too!  As evidenced from this Sweet 16 Contest Entry by Regina McGowan. She used our Terrific Teepees pattern and boy does it look like her Grandson his having a ball!  How fun!  Thanks, Regina, for sharing these adorable photos.  Regina says: This pattern was fun to make! Make sure you have a large cutting table or plenty of floor space. I also made openings in the teepee. I used denim for this teepee and personalized it with embroidery. I found that the rubber tips suggested in the pattern were only available in black and were pricey. I used rubber tips for chair legs. They were cheaper and came in white! Perfect! This teepee is large enough for small children and a few adults! I can't wait to make it for a princess! This pattern, along with other toy pattern s are all 20% off until Monday March 22nd.  If you have a project that you'd like to submi

Twirl Top and Pants

We've been receiving some wonderful entries for the SewBaby Sweet 16 contest.  Here are three entries that Kathy Hood made from our Twirl Top and Pants pattern . Don't you just love her fabric selection for each one?  I can see that there is a very lucky little girl in Kathy's life! You can see all of the entries submitted so far on our Facebook Sweet 16 Contest album . For more contest information, see this post .

SewBaby Sweet 16 Contest!

In April, we will be celebrating SewBaby's 16th year in business!!!  It's hard to believe it has been 16 years since we printed our first pattern.  Time flies when you are having sew much fun! To commemorate, we are having a SewBaby Sweet 16 Contest during the rest of March and all of April.  To enter the contest, you need to: 1.  Make something using either a pattern or fabric purchased from SewBaby. 2.  Send us a picture of the project along with your name, e-mail address and the product that you used.  3.  Write a review of the product(s) used on our website-just go into the product page, click on reviews, and you can add your own.   4.  You can make as many entries as you have time to make! Please e-mail your entries to All entries can be seen at  Facebook Sweet 16 Contest Album We will be featuring entries on our blog throughout this time.  Shirley, Emily and myself will choose the winning entries and will announce our selections the first w