Pendleton Wool Love at First Sight

I went to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA a few weeks ago.  One of the things that I look forward to at the show is the Pendleton Woolen Mills booth.  When I was learning to sew (back in the 70's!), Pendleton sold yardage in the best fabric stores.  It was expensive, but you knew that you were getting the absolute best wool fabric available.  I haven't seen it available in fabric stores in my area for many years, so being able to buy it at the expo is a real treat.

So, this year, I came home with this beautiful jade and cream houndstooth from their booth.  I purchased three yards, and tucked it in a basket, not completely in view, but not hidden either. Two of my three daughters saw it immediately, and let their desire for it be known.  I had originally thought I would make something for myself out of it, but just let it sit there for a few days, contemplating it's fate.  Then one day, oldest daughter came into my office, telling me that she had been dreaming about this fabric.  Yes, DREAMING!   I asked what form it took in her dream.  She said that she saw a belt in the dream, but couldn't pin it down any further.  Her dream sealed the fabric's fate- it was hers. 

In searching for the perfect pattern, she said that she didn't want any buttons or zippers, just a belt, so I pulled out Butterick 5255, which is a Chetta B design.  It was perfect- not a lot of seams to match the houndstooth plaid.  We lined it with a light weight cream charmeuse.  After it was made, however, my daughter lamented the fact that she thought it looked like a bath robe.  Since I left off the epaulets and sleeve bands called for in the pattern, the basic could have easily been the same as a bath robe.  I told her that I could easily add in some buttons to make it double breasted, but she really didn't want to fiddle with buttons, so she opted to keep it as it is.  Here is a back view:

The pattern drafting is excellent and the directions straightforward.    It would be a reasonably good project for a new sewer who wants to tackle a jacket.  The hardest part would be the collar.  The front pockets are roomy, lined and interfaced, so they should hold up nicely.  I'm happy with the results- it's definitely a Spring coat, that she should be able to wear for years.

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  1. I love Pendleton fabrics. They are beautiful, soft and the colors are dyed to match their other fabrics as if they were in the same dye lot. I have many Pendleton clothes, some bought and some sewn by myself or my mother. After you sew the pieces you want to do yourself you can always find a matching sweater, vest or shirt to complete the look.


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