Green Trenchcoat McCalls 5525

This is the second time that I've made this trenchcoat- last year I made a red stretch denim one for my middle daughter.  Youngest daughter kept wearing it as if it were her own, until the car that it was stashed in got stolen, and then no one could wear it but the thief.  Of course, we missed the convenience of the car, but I think the red trenchcoat was missed the most!   Luckily, the car with the coat still in the trunk showed up a couple of months later.
Anyway, I knew it was time to make her her very own, and since she is a ginger, green is her color.  This pattern is Mccall's 5525 which has both classic trench features and some more trendy features if you prefer like bell sleeves and a round collar.  I made the classic double breasted trench with all of the bells and whistles- front gun flap, epaulets, sleeve bands, pocket flaps and back storm flap. 
My favorite part of this coat however is a surprise- you can't see it, but it is a gorgeous scarf panel lining.  I had 8 scarf panels, and used 6 of them for the lining, and the last two to make a matching scarf.  The fabric is a Vera Wang Techno Taffeta that is unfortunately, not waterproof, even though it looks it.  It is very silky soft, and really a great fabric, although it does wrinkle as evidenced by these photos.  Wrinkled fabric, however, can be a design element, so that is what we will call it.

This isn't a hard pattern, just tons of pattern pieces- 21 to be exact! You need a lot of buttons too.  This one took 13, which can break the bank if you are buying them full price at the fabric store.  I got these on e-bay for about $3.  Such a deal!
For an estimate of the cost- I spent $8 on the fabric ( 4 yards at $1.95), $3 on the buttons, $8 on the lining, $5 on the interfacing and $1 for the pattern, for a grand total of $25.  We probably could buy one for $50, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun.


  1. too fabulous!!!! was the red one still in the car???

  2. Yes, it was still in the trunk untouched when we found the car 2 months later!

  3. I made this trench coat a few years ago and when my 14 year old granddaughter saw the coat, she wouldn't take it off, so I gave it to her and am now making another for myself. It is excellent.


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