Terrific Teepees!

People always tell me how much more fun it is to sew for girls, than boys.  But, you can find things that boys like too!  As evidenced from this Sweet 16 Contest Entry by Regina McGowan.
She used our Terrific Teepees pattern and boy does it look like her Grandson his having a ball!  How fun!  Thanks, Regina, for sharing these adorable photos. 

Regina says:
This pattern was fun to make! Make sure you have a large cutting table or plenty of floor space. I also made openings in the teepee. I used denim for this teepee and personalized it with embroidery. I found that the rubber tips suggested in the pattern were only available in black and were pricey. I used rubber tips for chair legs. They were cheaper and came in white! Perfect!

This teepee is large enough for small children and a few adults! I can't wait to make it for a princess!

This pattern, along with other toy patterns are all 20% off until Monday March 22nd.  If you have a project that you'd like to submit in our contest, see this post for all of the juicy prizes and details!  You still have lots of time- the contest goes until April 30th.

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