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A Trio of Vogue Separates

 This outfit is actually three different Vogue patterns- the top is 8831, the vest is 8777, and the skirt is 8837.  My idea is that these are good mixers- pieces that are overall neutral and will mix with a lot of other stuff in my closet! 

A Mother of the Groom Dress Butterick 5490

This weekend, my assistant Shirley's only son is getting married!  Shirley asked me to make her Mother of the Groom dress for her.  She chose Butterick 5490 and a turquoise crepe backed satin for the dress.

Sewing Studio Makeover!

I've been teaching sewing classes offered through our community college for a year.  I decided to teach the classes from my home studio because that way, students who didn't have any equipment could try out sewing using my sewing machines. For the first year, we used the packing area from SewBaby as the classroom, so it was filled with all kinds of boxes, and mailing stuff.  Before class, Shirley and I would clear the table tops of packing supplies, and move the sewing machines in place.  Here are the BEFORE shots: It worked, but it was not an ideal learning environment.  I decided that I liked teaching, and would continue to offer classes, so it made since to make the it a real "studio"!   A few sheets of drywall, a few gallons of paint, some new tables and chairs, and voila!  Well, not really that easy.  The whole process took about a month, my husband and my assistant, Shirley,  deserve a lot of the credit for making my vision come true.  Here are the

Faux Suede Dress Hot Patterns 1136

I have a crush on Hot Patterns .  I don't know why it has taken me so long to try them!  They are celebrating their 7th anniversary.  I've tried three of their patterns now, and each one has fit me perfectly with ZERO ALTERATIONS!  It's like we were made for each other.  Love...

Create Kids Couture Patterns!

 We would like to introduce you to Create Kids Couture Patterns !!  This pattern company is run by Shannon and Tiffany who started their business in July of 011.  They started small with just 5 patterns, but after 6 months, their love for designing blossomed into over 40 patterns!