A Trio of Vogue Separates

 This outfit is actually three different Vogue patterns- the top is 8831, the vest is 8777, and the skirt is 8837.  My idea is that these are good mixers- pieces that are overall neutral and will mix with a lot of other stuff in my closet! 

I'll start with the top- this is a Vogue Custom Fit pattern that includes ABCD cup sizes.  I used a lightweight printed rayon jersey knit, so you can't really see the seamlines in mine, but it has lovely seaming.  In this fabric, the neckline is lower than it shows on the pattern.  I can't lean over without showing my bra, so if you make this in a rayon knit, I would shorten the neckline piece by a couple of inches.
I do like the sleeve length from this view- it is great for this time of year when the day starts out cold, and warms up fast.

The Vest is from a Katherine Tilton Vogue pattern 8777.  I should have done a full bust adjustment on this one, but I was squeezing it on a piece of fabric that I barely had room for the pattern as it was.  I really love this vest, and would like to make it again in a few other colors.  It is designed for knits.  What is unusual about it is the seaming of the back view:
 I also added a couple of asymmetric pockets to the front, which makes it extra practical for carrying my phone, glasses, pens, etc.  This fabric is an Italian Double Knit from FabricMart fabrics.  It reminds me of sweatshirt material, without the fleecy inside.  That hem isn't supposed to be that wavy!  I will need to press that after seeing this photo.

The skirt is from another Katherine Tilton pattern 8837.
I got this pattern mainly for the other item included- the pants.  The skirt is a basic elastic waist skirt, mid-calf, with overlapped side seams.  I must admit, that I was in too big of a hurry to do the overlapped side seams, so my version isn't true to the pattern.  But, I did keep the curved hem, and think it looks nice. 

I'm not sure that this outfit is me- it's a little blah.  I think I'm too large to be wearing small floral prints, and the cream heather knit isn't slimming at all.  But maybe when I start mixing the pieces with some other things, I'll find some better combinations. But I do think that each of these patterns have a lot of potential, and would definitely recommend them!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Great combo of patterns to make this outfit! Love the overall look with style, colouring and fabric...

  2. What a beautiful outfit! You certainly can pull together a "look" with your talent and creativity. I especially like the colors you used in this. Lovely.


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