Faux Suede Dress Hot Patterns 1136

I have a crush on Hot Patterns.  I don't know why it has taken me so long to try them!  They are celebrating their 7th anniversary.  I've tried three of their patterns now, and each one has fit me perfectly with ZERO ALTERATIONS! 
It's like we were made for each other.  Love...

 I'll try to review the other two that I've made, but this is the latest one, which is from the Plain and Simple Essential Shift Dress and Top pattern.  This is designed for heavy fluid fabrics, and faux suede was listed as one of the options.  I've had this chocolate brown faux suede aging in my stash for years, and decided it was finally time.  I think that the simpler the fabric the better to see the design lines.  I used a topstitching pattern on my machine over the seam lines in a light gold thread.

I added the patch pockets.  These days, with cell phones, I really want everything that I own to have a pocket somewhere.  The dress is incredibly comfortable.  I will have no problem wearing this all day at work.

Everything went together beautifully, and the final product has a 70's vibe to it that I love.  Here's the back view. I really do want to make this again, but I also want to try more Hot Patterns, so I think I'll move on to the next one before I redo this one. 

I think the next one will likely be the top made from some sueded silk.  Or perhaps colorblocking the different sections.  Hot Patterns has a video that shows all kinds of really creative ways to play with this pattern. 

If you have trouble getting the Big 4 patterns to fit you right, give Hot Patterns a try!  I think that their sizing is really close to what I find in ready to wear, and the styles are really versatile.  

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  1. That looks great, and how nice the pattern line seems to fit you so well. I have three top patterns from that company I haven't tried yet.


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