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Updated Amazing Ottobre Woman Magazine Index

It's time to start stalking the mailbox because the newest issue of the Finnish pattern magazine Ottobre Woman is due to arrive any day now!  It looks to be a great issue by the photos.  Here are the line drawings for this issue:  I really like this skirt and pullover combo:   And this hooded cardigan is gorgeous!  A pretty knit wrap dress:  A luxe color blocked coat: And another knit cardigan/basic dress combo that is stunning in teal: Back to the title of this post!  Alice Hall of Abilene, Texas has compiled all of the line drawings from 2006-2016 into an index by specific garment type, sleeve length and even knit and non-knit.  Here's an example of the coat section, so if you want to make a coat, you can compare all of the styles available over the last decade!  And this is done for every category-tops,dresses, skirts, pants, etc. Isn't that cool?  Here is a link to Alice's Powerpoint file: Ottobre Woman 2016-201