Updated Amazing Ottobre Woman Magazine Index

It's time to start stalking the mailbox because the newest issue of the Finnish pattern magazine Ottobre Woman is due to arrive any day now!  It looks to be a great issue by the photos.

 Here are the line drawings for this issue:

 I really like this skirt and pullover combo:

And this hooded cardigan is gorgeous!

 A pretty knit wrap dress:

 A luxe color blocked coat:

And another knit cardigan/basic dress combo that is stunning in teal:

Back to the title of this post!  Alice Hall of Abilene, Texas has compiled all of the line drawings from 2006-2016 into an index by specific garment type, sleeve length and even knit and non-knit.  Here's an example of the coat section, so if you want to make a coat, you can compare all of the styles available over the last decade!  And this is done for every category-tops,dresses, skirts, pants, etc.

Isn't that cool?  Here is a link to Alice's Powerpoint file: Ottobre Woman 2016-2016 index
If you don't have all ten years, you can edit the powerpoint file and include only the ones that you have.   And if you don't have powerpoint, here it is in PDF format: Ottobre Woman 2016-2016 PDF.

Thanks, Alice!!!  Alice doesn't have her own blog yet, so if you'd like to thank her, just leave a comment here, and she can see it. 

And if you aren't a subscriber to Ottobre Woman, you can order here:  http://ottobredesign.fi/
The magazines are in English and usually just take a couple of weeks to arrive.

Happy Sewing!



  1. Yes, I like the new edition (though I already have a loose Style Arc hooded cardy that I love). And that powerpoint of Alice's is wonderful! Alice, thank you for such a great resource. I will download it tonight.

  2. I love the new edition. Thank Alice for the powerpoint download. That is such a great way to see what you want and also see what you missed in old editions... It's good to compare things you think have been offered before but are actually different. There were some great skirts I've missed.

  3. I have my Ottobre issue in hand and have a handful of things I want - namely that first tunic and skirt. Such great fall basics!

  4. Wow, this is a fabulous resource! Please thank Alice for me.

  5. Wow, this is a fabulous resource! Please thank Alice for me.

  6. This is awesome! Thanks to Alice! I believe that 05/2015 is missing though..unless I'm just not seeing it.

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  8. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Please thank Alice for such a wonderful resource as well as all the hard work. I'm wondering where she gets the images for her Powerpoint from. I would love to do this for all my children Ottobre magazines too, but I'm having a hard time trying to get an image to work for me. Most images are either too small or when I do crop the image to the pattern I want, it is blurring and out of focus due to the image size being too small. Is there any way we can ask her where she gets her images from? Thank you.

  9. Thank you for the updated powerpoint index! I love it. Also looking forward to making some things from the latest edition

  10. Hey Karman. To make this PowerPoint I first download and save the all designs page from Ottobre. Once I have the page I open it in Adobe reader and I use the snapshot tool to take a picture of the pattern drawing and then paste it into PowerPoint. You can enlarge the page to get a clearer image. I hope this helps. Thank you Karman and everyone else for the kind comments! And thank you Ann for posting the PowerPoint.

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  12. What a fantastic index. I only have a few issues but have always thought their designs were so classic and fashionable. Love the color blocked coat in the upcoming collection.

  13. Loved the entire collection in one. Would love the children’s collection too but that would take a lot more time I guess. Great to see which back issues i want now too. Thanks so much


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