Ottobre Children's Winter Magazine

We have just received the newest edition of Ottobre Design Magazine, and I am very excited to share with you all some of the great children's patterns it includes! This is a great magazine from Finland that includes a wide variety of patterns. I suggest it for everyone! Other editions include patterns for women as well. This magazine really has some fashion forward designs at a wonderful price! You can check it out on my site here!

This edition has the cutest outfits for boys. Here's some adorable outfits for those special upcoming occasions...gotta love the suspenders and bow-tie! And there's even some more patterns for casual wear, for those fun winter play days!

The collection of girls clothing patterns is simply fantastic! There's a variety of jackets and coats for all ages to keep warm this winter. And to compliment the boys in the bow-ties, some very fashionable dresses are included for you to choose from for those special events! These girls will be sure to make a fashion statement this winter!

 Lastly, we cannot forget about the baby wear! So to keep warm this winter Ottobre has included many patterns for thermal pajamas to make sure your little one keeps warm this winter!
 Ottobre Magazine is a great resource for unique patterns to try out. I hope you all can give this great deal a try and show off this winter with these great styles!

Happy Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner and it's still not too late for some last minute Halloween projects. So I thought I'd share with you some of my ideas on how to whip up some great Halloween crafts!

If you are looking so make a quick and adorable costume for the kids, I've got something for you! From Precious Patterns, I have featured on my website an E-Pattern for a Pumpkin and Dalmatian costume! This is a simple pattern that is easy to fit to your young one's size with an adjustable elastic bottom with ties on top. The pattern also includes instructions on how to make an adorable little hat too!
For the pumpkin costume, I'd suggest adding crumpled up newspaper to make your child look like a big and round pumpkin! Throw this costume over pants and a sweater to keep warm this Halloween!

Next I thought I'd suggest making you own treat bags rather than going out to the store and buying one. Making your own is so much more special and it'll be something your child can keep for years to come! Featured I have the Treat Bags E-Pattern. You can choose from having a ghost, pumpkin, or spider treat bag!

Here's a great and simple E-Pattern for a Pumpkin Bib for your baby this Halloween. Great for those messy treats on Halloween as well as the rest of the fall season!
I hope some of these last minute Halloween project ideas have helped! E-Patterns are great because you can instantly download them and get to work on your project.
Happy Halloween!

More Stash-Busting- Lots of wools

 I'm on a roll, and in a mood to organize my stash, so here are some more great fabrics that I'd like to find some good homes for.  A lot of these are wool or wool blends.  If you like any, just let me know which ones and your zip code, and I can get a shipping quote for you.  If you order 6 and are in the US, the shipping is on me!  There are a still a few black fabrics left from last week, so please check those out as well.  Send me a note at
1. Brown/Gold/Navy Boucle 1-1/2 yards, Wool blend.  Perfect for a pencil skirt.  $9

5. Sand Wool Crepe 2-3/4 yards, 60”, Medium Weight, great drape.  $15

6. Golden Honey Wool Crepe 5 yards, 60”, Medium Weight, great drape.  Would make a beautiful suit or dress. $30
7. Black cream Herringbone 3-1/4 yards- 60”  Medium weight.  This is a lofty wool/nylon blend.  It is prewashed.   I thought it would be  a nice coat.  $18

8. Black Cream Mini Houndstooth Wool Flannel 1-3/4 yards.  Very smooth, Medium weight.  This one is perfect for a skirt or pants.  I would call this one "extra" nice!  $12

9. Navy/ White ¼ inch Houndstooth  Poly/Rayon suiting.  Light to Medium weight, good drape.  Great for a shirt dress or pants.  2-7/8 yds, 60”   $9

10. Navy Wool Gabardine- Medium-Heavy Weight.  2-1/2 yards, 60”.  Says :”100% wool, made for Huddersfield, England.  This would be perfect for a classic Pea Coat.  $30

11. Mauve Wool Flannel 2-1/4 yards, 60” wide, medium weight, lightly brushed finish.  This feels somewhere between a gabardine and a flannel.  $12

12. Grey Ivory 1/16th inch houndstooth lightweight woven.- 3-1/2 yards.  I thought it was a summerweight wool, but the burn test indicates it is a synthetic. Would make a nice lightweight jacket or pants.  $12
13. Heather Caramel  Wool Flannel.  1-3/4 yd.  $8

14. Caramel Tone on Tone Stripe- 1-3/4 yards.  5/8” stripe. Very soft, brushed finish, nice drape. Poly/rayon blend. $8
Black/Tan Houndstooth Plaid- Silk suiting.  Medium weight, 1-7/8 yards.  60” wide, 1” plaid.  $10
Thanks for looking!

Sew Cool After School club

     I haven't been sewing myself lately, which doesn't give me a lot of subject matter for blog posts, but I have been up to something that I wanted to share with you.  I love working with kids, and I have recently started leading a group at a local elementary school called "Sew Cool After School".  The kids are so excited about it, which makes me excited as well! 

     In case any of you fellow seamstresses out there would be interested in doing the same thing where you live, I thought I would give you an idea of the process that we've gone through to get it started.

1.  Last Spring, I approached the school principal about the idea.  She brought it to the building council, and they approved it.  I'm an employee at the school, but if you weren't, you would probably need to go through
a background check and fingerprinting, which is routine these days for any school volunteer. 

2.   I was lucky enough to find a parent who also shares my love of sewing, and she agreed to co-lead with me.

3.  We sent out invitations to the 5th graders at the school.  Out of 100 fifth graders, we had 14 responders.

4.  The principal approved the purchase of a few very simple and cheap machines, and I secured donations of notions and fabrics.

5.  Since we have a small room to work in, we divided the kids into two groups- they will come once a week on alternating months.

6.  We are starting with learning the machine, and the first project was making a pieced wallhanging.  The next will be a tote bag for each member to store their sewing projects in the future.

A lot of kids want to learn to sew these days, but may not have an adult available who can teach them.  Schools are always looking for interesting activities for kids to do after school, so don't feel shy in asking if you could start a club!  There may be funds available to after school clubs, so you don't have to take on the expense all by yourself.

I also lead a 4-H group called the Spinning Bobbins, which is a group of mixed ages, and they come from all over the county.  We meet just once a month on Saturdays at my house, and unlike general 4-H Clubs, our only project is sewing.. There were funds from the Cooperative Extension program to purchase sewing kits for each member.   It's another option to you if you have a 4-H program in your county.  

There are lots of ways to learn how to sew these days, and the tutorials and videos on the internet are fantastic.  But I still like the old fashioned way of passing down the love of sewing from generation to generation.  This is a fun way to do that, so if you are at all inclined to get something started in your area and need any advice, just e-mail me at

If you've also started something in your town, please share your story!

Happy Sewing,