More Stash-Busting- Lots of wools

 I'm on a roll, and in a mood to organize my stash, so here are some more great fabrics that I'd like to find some good homes for.  A lot of these are wool or wool blends.  If you like any, just let me know which ones and your zip code, and I can get a shipping quote for you.  If you order 6 and are in the US, the shipping is on me!  There are a still a few black fabrics left from last week, so please check those out as well.  Send me a note at
1. Brown/Gold/Navy Boucle 1-1/2 yards, Wool blend.  Perfect for a pencil skirt.  $9

5. Sand Wool Crepe 2-3/4 yards, 60”, Medium Weight, great drape.  $15

6. Golden Honey Wool Crepe 5 yards, 60”, Medium Weight, great drape.  Would make a beautiful suit or dress. $30
7. Black cream Herringbone 3-1/4 yards- 60”  Medium weight.  This is a lofty wool/nylon blend.  It is prewashed.   I thought it would be  a nice coat.  $18

8. Black Cream Mini Houndstooth Wool Flannel 1-3/4 yards.  Very smooth, Medium weight.  This one is perfect for a skirt or pants.  I would call this one "extra" nice!  $12

9. Navy/ White ¼ inch Houndstooth  Poly/Rayon suiting.  Light to Medium weight, good drape.  Great for a shirt dress or pants.  2-7/8 yds, 60”   $9

10. Navy Wool Gabardine- Medium-Heavy Weight.  2-1/2 yards, 60”.  Says :”100% wool, made for Huddersfield, England.  This would be perfect for a classic Pea Coat.  $30

11. Mauve Wool Flannel 2-1/4 yards, 60” wide, medium weight, lightly brushed finish.  This feels somewhere between a gabardine and a flannel.  $12

12. Grey Ivory 1/16th inch houndstooth lightweight woven.- 3-1/2 yards.  I thought it was a summerweight wool, but the burn test indicates it is a synthetic. Would make a nice lightweight jacket or pants.  $12
13. Heather Caramel  Wool Flannel.  1-3/4 yd.  $8

14. Caramel Tone on Tone Stripe- 1-3/4 yards.  5/8” stripe. Very soft, brushed finish, nice drape. Poly/rayon blend. $8
Black/Tan Houndstooth Plaid- Silk suiting.  Medium weight, 1-7/8 yards.  60” wide, 1” plaid.  $10
Thanks for looking!

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