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February = Pink

February = Pink You may disagree, as Red is definitely a nose-to-nose competitor.  But, Red has so many other times where it is in the spotlight- in December with Red and Green, and in the United States, both May and July are saturated with Red, White and Blue.  There is also the long shot of Purple, with Amethyst being the birthstone.  Sorry, Purple, but I give Pink the spotlight in February.  It's just what we in the northern hemisphere need to brighten up the short cloudy days of the shortest of months. So, for February, I needed to make something pink, and I found this beautiful "dragonfruit" pink silk at Fabric Mart. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to make with such a luscious fabric, and went back and forth several times on what it would eventually become.  I was sooo tempted to make a dress with it, but I knew that if I made a dress, it would be something that would languish in the closet, worn only once in a blue moon.  I really wanted to make