Vogue 1194 DKNY Dress and some exciting news!

Last month, Vogue patterns had a sale on some of their out of print patterns, and I snagged Vogue 1194 for just $1.99! 
I don't know why I never saw this one when it was in print, but I am so happy that I found it now.  Let me tell you, this was a dream to sew, and even more so to wear!
 The pattern has subtle details that take it from an ordinary knit dress to a designer dress.  The slight gathers at the shoulders, the pleating at the skirt, pockets, the twisted band under the bust,and the tapered sleeves, all roll into one beautiful dress. 
 I used a weighty rayon/lycra knit that I got from FabricMart fabrics.  The only alteration that I made was to sew up the center bodice seam about 2" higher, so that it would be work appropriate.  I didn't even add length to it, because I figured the rayon would "grow" a couple inches as it hangs.
I had purchased 4 yards, and this took just over 2 yards, so I had enough left for a bonus piece!

 I used another out of print pattern that I got at the sale Vogue 1261 to make this top:

Again, my lucky day- no alterations and it fit great.  I will definitely be making this one again.  It is almost sinfully easy-you don't even hem it! This is View A.

And, I have even more exciting news- I've been selected to be a participant in Fabric Mart Fabrics Fabricista Challenge!  This is a Project Runway type challenge, where contestants are given a challenge a week and one contestant "goes home" every week.  I am nervous, but excited!  It should be sew much fun!  I hope that you'll follow along, and maybe even sew along with me

Happy Sewing!



  1. First of all I love the dress and the top, wishing I had bought these also. Secondly, congratulations on the Fabric Mart contest, you will be fabulous.

  2. Nice top and dress! Congrats on the challenge and good luck.

  3. Vogue patterns for $1.99??, I would of thought I died in went to heaven! I love the knit dress it looks extremely comfortable to wear. Also congrats on being one of the contestant for the Fabric Mart Challenge.

    1. I know- I wish I would have bought a ton of them now! I hope they run the sale again soon. Thank you!


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