Logo Ideas Round two

Choosing a new logo is proving to be more difficult than we thought, so we've added a few new ones to the mix.  Please vote in the poll at the right for your favorite!

#1.  Original Logo with an updated color and font. 

#2.   A Sprig of Heart flowers:

#3.  Lotus Heart Flower:
#4.  Stitched Heart:


  1. Hey, I get to go first! I really like the marker scribble heart (your original) - it's modern and fresh. To keep with that theme, maybe a look where the "sew baby" text lines are parallel to the apparent scribble directions, ie, SW to NE in the heart? Colour-wise, the softer pink version and some of the other warm colours you're trying, for example the text in #4, are very appealing.

  2. I guess my feeling is "If it isn't broken, why fix it?!" People are used to the tried and true logo, and if you change that, I think then people will begin to think "uh-oh, have owners changed, and what else have they changed?" The change could be a good thing - or not. Perhaps just updating the present would be best.

  3. Before I saw this post I'd already thought about this.

    Yesterday I was getting one of your patterns out to work on and as I looked at it I found myself looking at the logo. I thought it's so simple yet appealing and sophisicated in its simplicity with the scribble heart. The heart works with "baby" and "sew" tells me its about sewing. I wouldn't change it.

    The middle two with the flowers don't work for me because I "see" floral and my brain wonders what does that have to do with Sew Baby? The last one's ok but too cutesy for me. Plus the sewing graphic I think is kinda ho-hum typical.

  4. Of these choices, I like the 4th design but prefer the colors of #2, so i can't vote in the poll.


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