Sew Forth Now Podcast

Lori V from the wonderful blog, Girls in the Garden, has a monthly podcast,  Sew Forth Now, where she talks about sewing news on the web, what she's sewing, and interviews people in the sewing world.   This month, she interviewed me!

If you've not heard a podcast before, it is like a radio talk show that you can download to your computer or any type of MP3 player and listen to while you exercise or commute or even sew!  It's a neat idea, and if you'd like to listen to the episode with our interview about how I started SewBaby and the changes I've seen in the sewing business, you can find it here

Thanks, Lori, for putting together these fun episodes!


  1. I really enjoyed your interview with Lori. I always love hearing how businesses come to life and it was a special treat to hear about SewBaby since I love sewing. I originally heard about SewBaby at the Puyallup Sewing Expo in 1998 from Jeannie Twigg - wow, that was quite a while ago.

    Now a request for you. Since you love sewing with wool so much, how about a post on your tips for pressing wool. I'm making my first wool coat and it's taking forever. I'm having trouble pressing (i.e. I'm scared I'm going to ruin my coat) and keep stopping and reading in books or on the internet about the proper way so I avoid crushing, etc. I'm using a beautiful eggplant Vera Wang wool coating from I purchased last fall. I know I'll get it with enough research and patience, but any tips you have would be lovely since you make such beautiful coats.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Ooh- your wool sounds gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make with it!

    With wool, you just need steam, steam and more steam. If your iron isn't a big steam producer, you can spritz the area you are working on with water before you iron. I also recommend using a pressing ham for curved areas, as the wool will conform nicely to the shape of it.

    A few wools, such as gabardine, can get a shine on them if you press from the right side without a press cloth, but I've never found that problem with coatings. Just definitely test a scrap to make sure.

    I've never experienced any crushing with wool, like you can get with velvet, but if you think crushing is a possibility, just lay a terry cloth towel underneath the fabric.

    There are a lot of wool nylon blends for coating that don't tend to press as nicely as 100% wool. They also tend to pill more, so I try to buy 100% wool if possible.

    Good luck with your coat! Let me know if you need any more ideas.

  3. Thank you for the advice and tips Ann. I'll be sure to ask if I have any questions, but based on what you wrote, I'm good to go. I have all the necessary tools (hem, seam roll, clapper, etc) and a good steaming iron. Apparently I just need to find my courage. ;-) Happy sewing!


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