McCalls 6242 Iridescent Knit Tunic

I received a very unusual fabric in my last FabricMart mystery bundle.  It looked like a black mesh sports fabric in one light, but if you turned it another way, you could see royal blue sequins.

I wasn't sure what to call it, but I found this definition and thought it fit the fabric:
"Iridescence is an optical phenomenon of surfaces in which hue changes in correspondence with the angle from which a surface is viewed."

I wanted to make something for parties that myself and my daughters could all share, and I thought my daughters would like McCalls 6242.  This is a real sleeper of a pattern, as you cannot tell from the cover photo how neat the construction is for the sleeves.  
McCalls 6242 with Iridescent Knit

Sleeve gusset from the inside.
Sleeve gusset from the outside.

The sleeves are two pieces and they have a hidden gusset underneath, so that you can wear the top without your bra showing under the arm.  I love this feature.  I am wearing a cami with this one though, just because my fabric is a little sheer.  It's also a little itchy.  I do like this fabric and I would buy more if I can find it, despite the itchiness.  It's just too cool!

The shoulders are pleated and connected with what they call shoulder yokes.  This looks a little like an epaulette.  This part is a little tricky.  The pattern is rated Easy, but I think a beginner would be confused at this part.

I think the neckline is a little lower on me than on their photo.  I will make a size smaller in the neck area if I make it again.  I would like to make it again if I can find an equally cool fabric to use. This is one of those patterns that lets the fabric do the talking.  This was really the devil to get it to photograph so you could get glimpses of the sequin like effect.  I hope you can see the sparkles! 

So, my daughters and I have a neat top to wear for holiday parties. Just crossing my fingers that our parties aren't all on the same night!


  1. What a fun little top! I think it will be perfect for holiday parties, and aren't you a hip mom to share your clothes with your daughters. And you are right about the pattern being a sleeper - I never noticed the interesting shoulder treatments. I'm adding this to my buy list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So pretty and I love it with all the jewelry. Super feminine.

  3. What a great holiday top! I never noticed this pattern in the book - great shoulder details. And how lucky to get this interesting piece of fabric in your mystery bundle. I love those things...I've gotten some great fabric that I would never have ordered.

  4. I have this one on my table to wear for New Years Day. It's so cute!

  5. Stunning top for the holidays! You look very stylish!

  6. It is the perfect holiday top.

  7. Fun top - looks like it would enjoy a party!

  8. I hadn’t noticed this pattern before. It is definitely the perfect pattern for the iridescent knit fabric. What a lovely holiday top. I hope you and your daughters don't want to wear it to the same event.


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