My Image Magazine 1003 Wrap Tunic and 1005 Vest

When I first got my sample copy of My Image magazine, I was anxious to try out some styles to see how the fit was.  I decided to try the designs for the Wrap Tunic and Vest.  I cut size 42 which is my standard European pattern size, and the fit was perfect.

I used a printed poly knit for the wrap tunic and a brushed microfiber jersey for the vest.  These went together so easily.   I had them both made within an afternoon.  The wrap tunic is just 4 pieces- sleeve, back, right front and left front.  The vest is just 5 pieces- sleeve, back, pocket, front panel and back facing.
I did find the translated instructions to leave a little bit to be desired as they use terms that aren't familiar to me, but these are pretty basic so that if you have some sewing experience, you can decipher them.

Wrap Tunic alone

This is the first wrap top that I've made that I haven't had trouble with gaposis in the front- it fits very nice and snug, and I didn't use any extra elastic to get it that way.  The center front is high enough that I don't need a cami underneath it either. I will definitely be making this one again.   I did lengthen the sleeves, but that was my only change.
Close-up of wrap over part.

The vest is designed to be a few inches longer than the wrap tunic which looks nice.  I probably would recommend interfacing the pockets, as they do tend to bag out a bit in a knit.  The pattern originally calls for the buttons to go all of the way up the front facing.  I didn't have enough buttons, so I just used them in the section that I would actually button.

This brushed microfiber knit is fabulous!  I got it at last year when they had a bunch of activewear fabrics.  I haven't seen it since, but it is sooo nice! It is so light, I doubt that this vest weighs more than a few ounces, but it is somehow warm, doesn't pill, doesn't snag.   I used it for my cowl neck tunic as well. I used to be a fiber content snob and only buy natural fiber knits, but I have to say, I have completely changed my mind.  I would prefer this knit to a cotton knit any day!

Our shipment of the magazines hasn't arrived yet, so for those of you that have pre-ordered it, please be patient a little longer.  It will be worth the wait! 

If you haven't ordered a copy yet, we are still taking pre-orders for a second shipment.



  1. Both pieces look fabulous Ann! I had that same print in the teal colorway. Can't wait to get my copy of My Image! :)

  2. How cute! Love the colors and the print. I am also liking this length to wear over skinny jeans or leggings.

  3. Oh my, you're fast! The colors and fabrics are beautiful. I missed the fact that you're going to order the magazine! I'm off to your shop! :D

  4. Great pieces, they look fabulous on you.

  5. Great casual chic look; pieces that can be worn anywhere, anytime!!!


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