Faux Wrap Dress with Drape- Butterick 6166

It's been glorious weather here in Illinois.   We're in harvest season, and the field behind our house, (which I posted photos back in June when the corn was growing here), has now been combined and all that is left is little stalks. 

It's a whole different kind of beauty, and I love watching the field in all of the seasons.   I also love making clothes that reflect the time of year, and this dress is meant to do just that.  The burgundy, the muted green, the burnt orange- all remind me of the changing foliage.   The pattern is Butterick 6166.  It's a knit dress with a faux wrap overlay and a drape across the waist.

I like that you feel like it is a wrap, but you don't need to worry about the wind.  The fabric that I used is 100% cotton jersey from Hancock fabrics.  It has a horizontal stripe which you can see from the back.  I wasn't sure I wanted the horizontal stripe going all the way around, so I turned the overlay to go up and down.  It is a single layer, and the vertical edge is narrow hemmed. 

It doesn't have much stretch going that way, and I wasn't sure that it was going to work, but luckily, it didn't hurt the fit at all.  In fact, I think it may have helped to stabilize the neckline.  I lowered the neckline by quite a bit, probably 3" or so.   With a larger bust, I feel like a lower neckline is more flattering.  And it's easier to find a necklace that works with it also.  The neckline is narrow hemmed, and I stabilized the back portion with a strip of fusible interfacing before I did the narrow hem.  Since you narrow hem the under-dress and the overlay together on the front, I didn't add any interfacing here.

Here you can see the back with the horizontal stripes more clearly.  There are also some darts at the back for fitting.  And you can see that I left out the zipper, as I most usually do with knit dresses.

 Overall, it was very quick to sew, and I think I'm going to love wearing it! I can pop a cardigan over it when it gets a little colder. If you make this, the only recommendation that I would make is that you choose a fabric that handles narrow hemming well- as there is quite a bit of it in this pattern.  

I'd like to try this pattern again with some colorblocking.  You can also skip the overlay layer, as Sheila did on a gorgeous dress on her blog at SheilazCTK .  I can see a lot of possibilities with this one! 

On a completely different topic, my assistant at SewBaby, Shirley, is retiring at the end of this month, and since she was primarily responsible for filling fabric orders, I've decided to significantly reduce the fabrics that we offer.  We've got all of our cottons, corduroys and flannels marked 60% off!  So, head on over to SewBaby and take a look.  You might just find the perfect project for that next baby shower!

Happy Sewing!


  1. This looks great! That fabric is perfect for fall!

  2. Lovely dress with colours perfect for the season. Running the print vertically for the overlay was a brilliant idea and the lowered neckline is very flattering on you. Cute boots too.

  3. I love this dress on you, gorgeous colors and the photo shoot is very pretty, too.

  4. Like Lori, I love this dress and the beautiful colors. The scenery is beautiful. It's wonderful to live in a country setting. I love it.

  5. Oh, I love the pics of the fields. I lived in the mountains of Virginia for many years, and I always enjoyed this time of year. Your dress - you really sell this pattern! I would never have thought it could look like yours - just beautiful.


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