Sewing Studio Makeover!

I've been teaching sewing classes offered through our community college for a year.  I decided to teach the classes from my home studio because that way, students who didn't have any equipment could try out sewing using my sewing machines.

For the first year, we used the packing area from SewBaby as the classroom, so it was filled with all kinds of boxes, and mailing stuff.  Before class, Shirley and I would clear the table tops of packing supplies, and move the sewing machines in place.  Here are the BEFORE shots:

It worked, but it was not an ideal learning environment.  I decided that I liked teaching, and would continue to offer classes, so it made since to make the it a real "studio"!  

A few sheets of drywall, a few gallons of paint, some new tables and chairs, and voila!  Well, not really that easy.  The whole process took about a month, my husband and my assistant, Shirley,  deserve a lot of the credit for making my vision come true.  Here are the AFTER shots:
 Room view showing the cutting area, and workstations.  The paint is Crushed Dutch Boy.

 You can see into the other room which is where SewBaby begins!  The pink wall was just studs before. Shirley's desk is still in here, but we moved all of the other packing stuff to another area.

 Individual workstations with framed vintage pattern covers.  I had the hardest time picking these out from my pattern collection!  Most of the ones I framed are from the 60's and 70's.  I've got  Marlo Thomas, Star Trek, and and Annie Hall patterns.  I've been collecting patterns for 40 years, so you can imagine that I have quite the collection.  I'm so happy that I can share a few with my students.

 Me and Shirley in our new space!

 Our ironing station and serger storage.  Found these cute ironing board covers at TJ Maxx! They picked up the wall colors of both new walls.  This wall color is Weathered Glass by Eddie Bauer for Valspar.  It was also just studs before.
 A cutting area and view of the two non-girly workstations.  Yes, we do have guys that take sewing classes too, and I didn't think they would care for the pink chairs.
 Vinyl wall decals in the stairwell.

 I covered a partition with Marimekko fabric from the Crate and Barrel outlet in Chicago.  This hides our sump pump and dehumidifer.

So, now there is a dedicated space for cutting, ironing and 6 student workstations.  (That's all the students that I can handle at a time!)  With all of the color, print and images, I think it should be a great space for students to feel creative.  It's been fun seeing it all come together!

What do you think?  Would you like to take a class here?

Happy Sewing!



  1. The new studio looks great! If I were still living in the area, I'd definitely be interested in taking a class there.

  2. Fun changes, I think. Those are some lucky students to learn from such an experienced sewist and in such a nice environment.

  3. Wish I were closer - looks fabulous!

  4. You've done a great job! Enjoy your new space:-) I am sure your students will!

  5. Gorgeous studio, wish I lived closer!

  6. I love your new sewing studio. I truly wish I lived close enough to visit your studio.

  7. What a fantastic and inviting sewing studio! I hope you get to teach many students in this wonderful space.

  8. Wow! The space is awesome. Nice to see you and Shirley as well!

  9. Looks awesome!! Can't wait for class in a few weeks!!

  10. I love your sewing studio! I have a very small rent house that my daughter has been living in for 6 years. (no rent) I am in process of redoing kitchen and building better closets. I would love to turn the house into a sewing studio for friends to hang out and sew. I would also love to teach young one's how to sew. I started when I was 7. Can you do that in a house you own. I do not know about the laws of teaching sewing in your home. Do you have any resources to direct me to? It would be so much appreciated!


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