Simplicity 2344 Wool Skirt

This is the skirt from the Simplicity 2344 pattern.  This is using 1 yard of a black wool tweed that is just gorgeous. It's so basic, that I'm afraid this will be the most boring blog post ever, but you know, I'm really glad that I've got a black straight skirt in my wardrobe now!

This takes just 1 yard of fabric, and it will go with just about anything! 

I did make several changes:

1.  Lengthened it 5 inches.  This is a lot.  I'm tall, but not that tall!  It hits me just below the knee now. 

2.  Lowered the top of the front slit by 2 inches.  It was a little indecent when I sat down initially.  I work at a school, so I need to look somewhat respectable!

3.  Added a lining and interfaced the top of the lining.
The original pattern calls for you to stabilize the waist with twill tape, instead of a separate facing or waistband. I've done this method before, and it's not my favorite.  It's a shortcut that will work in a pinch, but if you've got another 30 minutes, it's much better to actually add a facing.  Because my wool was scratchy, I didn't want the facing next to my skin, so I decided to line the whole thing, from top to bottom.  To stabilize the lining, I ironed on a 2" strip of interfacing to the upper edge of all of the lining pieces.

4.  Made a more substantial french vent.  The original pattern has you just narrow hem the vent.  Again, that's okay, but if you've got enough fabric, it's better to cut out a wider vent and turn it back.  I think that the reason the pattern didn't do that is because  you are adding the extra fabric just to one side of the center front, and to one piece of the side front.  It's tricky, and you have to think about it. Here's a photo of mine- not my best work at all, but I wanted to show you what the inside looks like.  You have to turn back the lining, or else it will show when you walk.

The top is Vogue 8771.  This has turned out to be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I think I'll be wearing this pair a lot!

The bad news/good news, is that I went to Hancock fabrics today, and got three new fabrics to replace the stash that I've been using up.  Got some GREAT deals!!  If you have a Hancock's near you- check out their "fashion value" group which is now 40% off for MLK weekend. 




  1. I LOVE this skirt! Sexy and chic! I made a killing at Hancock's today, too. I always find some gems (amidst the crazyness) in the value section and I'm not going to admit how much came home with me. What great deals though!

  2. Apparently I'm stalking Katie, ha! I've commented on at least 3 blogs right behind her. LOVELY skirt, so classy.

  3. It's a great skirt and I'm sure it will get much wear!

  4. Three new fabrics - lucky you! This skirt is a perfect fit on you...great work...

  5. What a great skirt. Love, love, love the fabric and OMGOSH!!! I love those shoes!

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