Simplicity 2344 Metallic Tweed Vest

I have decided that I LOVE vests!  Today it is chilly in my office, and as soon as I put this vest on, I felt fine.  Jackets are too restricting to me because of the sleeves, but a vest adds warmth where I need it, and adds another layer of interest to an outfit.

This vest is from Simplicity 2344.  It is a Khaliah Ali pattern that includes multiple cup sizes for a better fit. The pattern also includes a straight skirt, a jacket, knit blouse, and wide leg pants.  Quite a nice selection, and I do plan on trying out the other pieces.

I did make one significant alteration- I felt that the collar of the vest was going to get in the way of some of the collars on my shirts and dresses, so I redrew the neckline so that it just curves down from the shoulder. 

I made mine from a metallic tweed that has just a subtle golden shimmer.  I'm pretty sure this was in a Fabric Mart mystery bundle.  What I like about mystery bundles is they force me to try new fabrics.  I probably never would have purchased this on my own!

I ordered black rose frogs from Hong Kong off from Ebay store Accessories by Richland.  They were only $4.00 for 10 plus $2.50 shipping and arrived in less than 10 days!  I think that they really make the vest.

The lining is a pretty taupe paisley. 

The back of the vest has a shaped waistband, and there are pockets in the princess seams.

I'm hoping that even though this is fairly dressy with the gold shimmer, that the neutral color will let me wear it with lots of outfits.  I'm really thrilled with how it turned out!

Subtract another 3 yards (1-1/2 for the outer vest and 1-1/2 for the lining) from my stash.  I'm on a roll now!



  1. You are on a roll, good for you. It is a lovely vest! Great blog, Cheers, Jean

  2. Gorgeous-as usual! ummm, do you have 2 blogs or am I losing my mind?

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