Simplicity 2337 Princess Pleated Dress

This is the first project for my Fabric Stash Contest!  I am sooo thrilled with this dress.  It turned out better than I expected. 

The pattern I used was Simplicity 2337 which is one of the older Project Runway patterns.
It has several views, and I made View A which has the front that overlaps with pleats over the midsection.  I tell myself that this is tummy camouflage. 

I made a Full Bust Adjustment on the front pieces, using Debbie Cook's wonderful tutorial on her blog Stitches and Seams.  My high bust measurement is 36, which matches the pattern size 14.  My full bust measurement is 39, so I added 1-1/2" to the bust area on the side front, then added length to the center front and facing pieces.  I ended up needing to add an extra pleat to match the lengths, so I don't know if I calculated something wrong, or just made the other pleats too small.  Either way, it was an easy fix. 
Close-up of fabric

My fabric had a little stretch to it, so I decided to forgo the zipper this time, and it was fine.  The back facing ended up being quite large, and I took out 2" out of the center back to get it to fit.  I don't usually have to do this, so that could have been my fabric just had too much stretch, or I am developing a round upper back.  (I'm going to have to start working on my posture!)

The sleeves called for it to be turned up into a cuff.  I felt like I liked them as they were, and just hemmed them regularly.  I didn't add any length to the pattern, other than that needed for the full bust adjustment, and it hits me right above the knee.  I'm 5 feet 9 inches, so someone more petite may want to shorten this quite a bit. 

 I just had to show you my new shoes!  These are the Kennedy Patent Bow shoes on  They are actually very comfortable!

Now that I've got the fitting figured out with this pattern, I would definitely like to make it again.  Maybe in a RED for Valentine's Day! 

Now to get busy sewing more for the Stash Contest! 



  1. Oooh, red - how stunning this will look!!! You certainly have a winner with this pattern...

  2. Lovely dress. Definitely a red one - save it for the red dress contest! Side note: it looks a bit odd to see all that green grass in Jan. in IL - I hope it doesn't make up for it in the spring.

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