Really, Kwik Sew?

Kwik Sew just released a new pattern for a casserole carrier.  Here's a link to their pattern.

Something about it looks SO familiar... oh yes... SewBaby has an almost identical casserole carrier pattern that has been out since 2000!  It's been in all of the major quilting catalogs, and is currently sold nationwide at Joann.  Here is our pattern:

Ours is better!  Let's compare- theirs- $11.99, ours- $8.95.  Theirs makes you sew bias binding on the straps, which is really tedious, and ours doesn't. 
Plus, you get the bonus that ours doesn't come with the not so fashionable apron!
This is just bad business.  We have been a Kwik Sew dealer for 14 years, but no more.  You've lost a supporter and ally.  Shame on you, Kwik Sew!

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  1. Stay strong Sewbaby! Don't let those big companies push you around!


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