It's Snowing Again, Time to Think Spring SWAP!

If you could see what I'm seeing- grey skies, snow blowing horizontally, and the thermometer dropping, then you would understand.  I've got to start thinking Spring!

I started doing SWAPs (Sewing with a Plan) last year from seeing what the wonderful women on had created for their contest entries.  Basically, you choose a color theme, and then plan several coordinating pieces so that when they are all made, you'll have instantly gorgeous outfits that you can pull out of your closet at a moments notice.

I completed my first swap just in November with my Green Goddess Wardrobe entry.   I can't tell you how much I have LOVED this wardrobe.  It is so wonderful.  I wear something from it every other day.  But, I want to switch out of the greens for Spring, and have settled on a very traditional combination of Navy, White and Dove Grey.  Since these colors are all neutrals, I'll pep it up with accessories in chartreuse and bright fuschia.

My last wardrobe was very flowy- lots of chiffony tunics.  This one is going to be more classic- button front shirts, pencil skirts, knit tops, and jackets.  The center piece of the wardrobe will be a beautiful white and navy ribboned boucle from Vera Wang's Lavender Label collection.  I'm going to make a simple jacket from it using  Butterick 5429.

I've got the other fabrics and patterns picked out.  I noticed that the last time I did this, I wasted an enormous amount of time changing my mind before I cut anything out.  So, this time, my plan of action will be to cut three items out at once that can all be sewn from the same color thread.  This way, I won't waste as much time waffling back and forth about what to make, and changing my serger thread.  The very worst case scenario is I end up with a couple of UFO's (unfinished objects).

So, I'll keep you posted as I progress.  There is not a contest for this at Patternreview this Spring, so I don't have a deadline to meet.  Except of course, to get it made before the weather turns hot for summer, which here isn't until June.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I tried the Wardrobe contest at PR and didn't finish, but I did love the process of thinking about what I was going to sew and putting a wardrobe together that would work well. I may try that again, although it will probably be for my 5 year old dd as I sew mostly for her.


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