Winter Coat Sewing

Welcome to my first Blog!  I'm sew excited to be able to share my personal sewing adventures.

My latest project is a winter coat.  My daughter is cold all of the time.  Even in the summer sweltering heat, you’ll find her bundled up in a sweater.  She started bugging me about making her winter coat in July.

We picked out a beautiful double faced wool melton in Royal Blue.  That in itself should be warm enough, but for the super cold-blooded, I decided to line it with quilted Thinsulate.  In the past to get extra warmth, I’ve done an interlining of flannel and then a flannel backed satin lining, but that is twice the work cutting and sewing, so the quilted Thinsulate sounded like a time saver.

She chose Simplicity 2812 for the pattern, which is one of the Project Runway patterns.  It has a pretty gathered collar that she can either wear up or down.  Here is a picture of the collar down.  The only problem with the pattern is that the pockets are really small.  I do understand why- they are inserted in the princess seams, and so that they don't cross over into the button area, they need to be small, but she won't be able to put anything but her hands in them.   

She picked out random gold buttons from my button collection which makes it completely unique. 

I think she can wear a variety of scarves with this color blue and still look nice.  She says that it is the “best coat in the world”.  Can’t get any better than that!


  1. What a cutie in a gorgeous blue coat! Way to go, Mom!!! (she clearly appreciates you, and nothing's sweeter). I really love the buttons mix, too.

  2. Hi Anne , I've just found you and that stunning coat , that is really beautiful !

  3. Welcome to blogging, lol! The coat is gorgeous and your daughter looks very happy! :)

  4. I have been ordering from It is so nice to put a face with your name. The coat is lovely. Toni T. in Glendale, AZ.

  5. very pretty coat! I like the idea of using different gold buttons. And I've been thinking about trying a coat, but I think I'm too afraid to try it this winter...maybe next winter!

  6. Gorgeous! What a stunning color. I have that pattern in my stash to make someday too. Thanks for the info on the pockets.


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