Tunic Top #1

I've started making tunic tops for several reasons
A.  They are easy- no buttons, no zippers, just pull over the head.
B.  They are almost like dresses, but since I hardly ever have an occasion to wear a dress, I can use a beautiful fabric as a tunic and actually wear it!
C.  They are easy to fit.  In fact, it's hard to go wrong, as they are usually designed to be loose fitting, so as long as you get the size right in the shoulders, the rest is pretty much in the bag.
D.  You can wear them with a turtleneck underneath for cold days, or a cami underneath for warm days, so you get your money's worth!

This top is Simplicity 2690 view D.  This is a very nice basic tunic/dress pattern with a empire waist seam that uses elastic.  I used a silk velvet burnout fabric designed by Anna Sui.  It starts out as a light green at one selvedge and graduates to a black at the other selvedge.  Really a stunning fabric, and I wanted to make sure that I had a pattern that would show the full gradation of color. 

The pattern went together so easily, until I got to the belt.  It would have been easier with a fabric that wasn't quite as thick.  You basically need to sew button loops on each end that will attach to 3 buttons at the center front of the garment.  My fabric was way too thick for button loops, so I used black ponytail holders cut to the length that the pattern specified.  The belt is cut on the bias and then gathered to give the pretty pleating effect.  The problem with bias cuts is that no two fabrics ever behave the same on the bias, and this one stretched way to much.  I ended up taking off 4 inches, and it is still too big, but since I know that I'll want to wear a turtleneck underneath it on chilly days, I decided to leave it a little loose.

Here is one more shot of Illinois farmland in my backyard.  This is the first of a series of tunic tops.  They are like potato chips, you can't stop at just one.

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  1. Very pretty Ann - looks like gorgeous fabric from your photos!


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