Updated Amazing Ottobre Woman and Family Index 2006-2018

If you are a long time Ottobre Woman subscriber, or a new Ottobre Family subscriber, you probably know the feeling of going through all of your old issues to find just the right style to suit you at a particular moment.  Maybe you weren't in the mood for cropped pants when the magazine first came out, but now you are, and what year did you see it?  It can be a little confusing, flipping back and forth, comparing one thing to another. 

Alice Hall from Abilene, TX  has come up with a solution!  She has taken the time to compile all of the Ottobre line drawings from 2006-2018 by specific garment type.  It's fantastic!  Now I can just thumb through this, instead of going through 12 years of magazines!  The page above is just one of the pages- all of the sleeveless woven tops in the magazine's history.  There are 53 pages now in the index.

She's organized it by garment type, fabric type and even by sleeve type!  Alice has given me permission to share her work with you.  She would like for everyone who is interested to have access to the index so they can see how great Ottobre patterns are!  Here are the links for you- one to a PDF file, and another to a Powerpoint file, so that you can edit to fit the issues that you own.

Ottobre Woman and Family Index PDF

Ottobre Woman and Family Powerpoint

Thank you, Alice, for all of your diligent work in keeping this index updated and sharing with other Ottobre fans!  I certainly have enjoyed using this index, and I bet that many, many more share my enthusiasm for it.

Kind regards,

Ann for SewBaby


  1. This is so, so helpful! I need to admit I was already hoping for an update ;-) You do not happen to know if Alice also has this available for the Ottobre children edition?


  2. Oooh, so excited to have found the new version!!! Thank you very much. Please pass on my thanks to Alice!
    (Again, posting anonymously, as previously today...sorry).

  3. Vielen lieben Dank für diese tolle Sammlung. Das erleichtert das suchen nach Schnittmustern sehr!
    Liebe Grüße aus Germany


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