Black and White Topper Butterick 6466

I wanted to make something to wear over my black and white mini-wardrobe, and had purchased this interesting cotton jacquard when Fabric Mart had it for it's Deal of the Day at $2.99/yd last month.  The photo above is with the Closet Case Ebony t-shirt.  This fabric has an interesting texture in addition to the print. Here's a close-up:

It was BOLD with a capital B, and I wasn't quite how to use it.  My original need was for a jacket, but I thought that with that large of a print, it would be better as something longer, like a dress. So, it was between either a dress or a jacket, and I waffled one way and then the other for about a week, and then it hit me- how about a longer jacket that kind of looks like a dress?

Butterick 6466 seemed like a reasonable place to start!  I combined the views, and used the sleeves on the view with the asymmetrical hemline.   I like Connie Crawford's patterns a lot, and have just about every one of them.

Here it is with the Closet Case Charlie Caftan.  You can see it's just the same length which is perfect.   It was a windy day today, and we couldn't get a good shot of the back on me, so here it is on the dress form.  It's got a center back seam in the skirt, that I should have eliminated- could have easily gone on the fold and not disrupted the print there.

Since my fabric was all cotton, it was not easy to put on and take off.  So, I added a half lining- just the top and the sleeve portions. This made it much, much easier to put on and take off, and wasn't that hard- I just cut another bodice front and back, and cut away the facing piece, minus the seam allowances.

I ended up straightening out the side seams, so that they don't have that little fold near the hips.  This fabric wasn't drapey enough for it to be a good look.  Here you can see the hem dip down and the side seams.

One funny thing that happened, was that in my pre-washing of this piece of fabric, I washed it with another dark garment in cold water.  I had washed the other garment before, so didn't think that there was much chance of it bleeding.  But, when I pulled it out, all of the leaves were grey, not white!  I went to the store and bought Carbona Color Run Remover.

It was amazing! In less than 2 minutes, it took all the grey out, but left the black as black as ever.  I didn't even use 1/3 of the package.   Here is the topper with an all black column.

So, my cost on this topper was $6 for the fabric, $3 for the lining and pattern, and $1 for the Color Run Remover.  $10- not bad!   I like it with just about all of the items from my black and white mini wardrobe, so I should get my money's worth!

Happy Sewing!



  1. I love the way you coordinate your clothing. You always look so put together. You are an inspiration to me.

  2. I think you chose the perfect jacket topper pattern for the fabric you were working with. It looks beautiful, and goes so well with your capsule items!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! I'm very excited for the weather to warm up so that I can wear it!


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