Ottobre Woman Spring 2015 Issue

Have you heard of Ottobre?  It is a Finnish company that prints pattern magazines for both women and children.  The women's Spring/Summer issue just arrived today!  The pictures above are both the same magazine- they put a cover on both the front and the back!  We carry it at SewBaby and are taking orders for the issue right now at 15% off.   If you compare it to Burda magazine, the designs are much more down to earth and easier to make. Lots of things that you will actually wear!  Every time I get a new one, I say "I'm going to make everything in this issue!"  I haven't yet succeeded in that goal because I get distracted too easily, but I really would love to do that.

Here's a couple of nice pants and tops. Gosh I love the fabric on that A-line top! Notice the shoes too.  Mostly flats in this issue.  I really appreciate that.

This Kimono jacket and skirt look like my style.  In fact, I think I have the perfect fabric for it.

They always include some sort of fitness attire. Those Finns must be so healthy!  I used to wear shorts that short in the 80's.  Ahh, memories!

And various types of dresses, so whether you are a sporty type, or a girly girl, you will probably like one of the options.  I really love this yellow dress.  I don't usually wear full skirts, but this one seems to be just moderately full.  Can you see it in a  bold floral set on a black background?

And also a special occasion type pattern or two, for those graduations and weddings coming up.  This one below is the same pattern as the sporty one above. That cropped jacket would be cute in a solid linen too. 

The line drawings and instructions are clear and easy to understand.  They usually include a wider range of ages and sizes in their models.  I'm a little surprised to not see any plus size or older models this time.   I really appreciated seeing the designs on someone closer to my size and age!

If you think you'd like to try this one, hop on over to SewBaby and order your copy!

Have you tried sewing with Ottobre before?  Do you like their style?  Which would be your first thing to make?  

Happy Sewing!



  1. I see several things I really like here! I've been eyeing this issue since it was posted on Ottobre's site. Now is that jacket (the white long-ish one) a knit or a woven? I made my 1st Ottobre pattern a couple moths ago and was really pleased with it. I may need to pre-order :)

    1. Hi Kathy,
      They just came in the mail, so I checked the fabric recommendations. It calls for firm viscose interlock knit or techno jersey. I think the new Scuba knits would be ideal.

    2. I have seen many versions already made from wovens and with lining and everybody say that they had no problems with fit or the pattern.

  2. Oh I wish I had known you all sold it. I ordered it this morning from The Wooly Thread, which is fine, but I know you! So next time (after next fall, I ordered the Fall 2015 issue from them, too), I am getting the issues from you! Yay!!! I can support a blog friend.

    I love all of these beautiful designs, but I really want to make up the cute tee and shorts because I want to believe that the former "fairly warm" Virginia will be back, I had no idea that we had moved to Canada, lol, all this ice and snow IN MARCH. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Dina! Haha- moved to Canada! Today is supposed to be our last cold day here in Illinois, and up to the 50's next week. It will feel like a tropical paradise after this winter.


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