McCall's 7094 Striped Pullover Top

Have you been watching Peggy Sagers'  PBS TV series- Stitch 2 Fit?  I have, and I love it.  My husband thinks I'm crazy- "So, if you aren't sewing, you want to watch sewing on TV?"  But, I truly learn something from every episode, and I think Peggy is so accomplished and knowledgeable that I can't wait for the next week's episode, as soon as the current episode is over.

So, on her last show, she said that what you should do before choosing what size to make is measure a similar piece in your closet to get an idea of how much ease you prefer.  She said that if she had 3 women with the same bust measurement, but they were age 20, 40, and 60, that they would all want a different amount of ease.  If you are new to sewing, ease is the difference between your body measurement and the finished garment measurements. You need a certain amount of ease for movement, but certain styles include more ease than others.

A light bulb went off in my head.  I've been seeing lots of people make woven shirts on blogs, and loving them, but whenever I've made a woven shirt, I've felt like they were way too constricting.  So, I went and measured a RTW linen shirt that I own and wear frequently, and it measured 48" across the bust.  My bust is 39", so that means that I like 9" of ease.

Well, no wonder!  Most of the shirt patterns that I've been making only include 3-5" of ease.  So, I started looking through my shirt patterns, and found McCalls 7094 had a finished garment measurement of 48" for the size Medium.  Perfect.

I had bought a striped shirting in January from Hancock fabrics, so I played around a little bit with the stripes.  I cut the sleeves on the bias, so the stripes would be diagonal.  I cut the placket, sleeve tab, and yoke with the stripes going horizontally, and the main body with the stripes going vertically.

The pattern has some great details.  I love the pleating at the shoulder, and the shaped hemline.   I will probably be wearing it with the sleeves rolled up.  The pattern really was designed for drapier fabrics than this, such as challis, crepe, and georgette. 

It's so comfortable.  This is View D, and it is long enough to wear with leggings.  Here it is on me.

One thing to note, is that the front placket goes pretty low.  I need to wear either a cami or a sports bra under it, or else it would be way too revealing.  You could always add a button to keep it closed half way up the placket.

Here it is from the back.  You can see how long it is.  I'm 5 feet 9", and did not add any additional length to this one.   There are other views with shorter lengths though. 

So, thank you Peggy Sagers for sharing that bit of wisdom about ease! You can see some of the episodes on You Tube, or you can order DVD's of the whole series that come with some of the patterns that she designs for her company- Silhouette Patterns

Do you watch Stitch 2 Fit or any other sewing shows?

Happy Sewing!



  1. Love the diagonal stripes on the sleeves! Now I'm off to see if I can find Fit 2 Stitch on my local PBS, thanks for the tip!

  2. What a cute shirt! I love the variety of stripes - it really adds interest. Unfortunately, our PBS does not include Fit 2 Stitch, though I regularly watch Peggy's videos through her own pattern line, Silhouette Patterns, as well as the Fit 2 Stitch programs available through YouTube. Thanks so much for reminding me of these programs!

  3. I love Peggy's webcasts! They have given me "permission" to do many things I would have been afraid to do. Also learning to sew by measuring finished garments was so Helpful. I would have given up sewing without this obvious advice.

    1. I haven't started watching her webcasts yet, but as soon as I can figure out how to watch them on my TV, I'm sure that I will!

  4. What a great shirt! I will have to look for that program. :-D

  5. What a great shirt and love your use of stripes. I just found the program and it is all set to record.

  6. Looks great. Love the colours in the stripes. I have been known to watch Craftsy classes :) And some of Peggie's. Haven't seen these ones..better go and check them out.

  7. This is super cute Ann! I need to make this one!

  8. Here is the URL to Peggy Sager's webcasts. You can also watch many on Youtube, but not the early webcasts as of yet. I made her #600 Classic Blouse 5 times so far and really like it, obviously. In this webcast Peggy sews that blouse and teaches me a new, wonderful way to insert sleeves.

  9. Thanks so much for passing on Peggy's comment about amount of ease preferred.It makes perfect sense,of course.

  10. Your shirt is wonderful. I'm just getting on this train about a year late - just got the pattern without reading the reviews first. I love Peggy and I watch her all the time to - her voice drives my husband nuts! I get the ease thing I don't wear tight clothes I like things to skim my figure and I always check the easy on the pattern beforehand. I was all worried about making this up but reading about your experience will help. I can't even remember the last time I made a placket.. I'm a bit scared.... Thanks ;)


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