Pantone Color Contest Outfit is having a contest based on using the Spring 2013 Fashion Color Forecast!  The challenge is to make two items that you can wear together that incorporate some of the forecasted colors.  Here are the colors:
I had a piece of silk chiffon that had in it several of the colors this year, and decided to use it to make a short sleeved blouse from McCalls 6702.  This is a shirt with a placket, mandarin collar, and a back yoke.  I only had about 2 yards, which isn't a lot of fabric when it is just 45 inches wide.  I was able to squeeze View C on my fabric and lengthen it about 3 inches.

 I see Dusk Blue, Nectarine, and African Violet in this print.

Even touches of the Lemon Yellow and Linen if you look closely.  I did a baby hem on this top.  This wasn't the best style for sewing silk chiffon.  Between the crinkly texture, and the general elusiveness of chiffon, sewing the placket and the yoke was tenuous at best.  Maybe if I had tried dipping it in gelatin first, then it would have been easier.  But I didn't remember that tip until in the throes of sewing.  It turned out OK, but I wouldn't be turning this inside out for any of you to see!

The pants are from the May 2012 issue of Burda Magazine, style #108.   The fabric is a rayon/poly/lycra gabardine in Poppy Red from the Pantone colors.

I have the hardest time getting the back rise of pants long enough, and I did a couple of muslins on this pattern before I started.  Boy am I glad that I did!  I ended up adding about 2 inches to the back crotch length, shortening the front rise about 1 inch, and then adding 3 inches to the total length of the pants. They fit good.  I'm really happy with the pants. 
I stabilized the pocket opening edge with twill tape to make sure that the pockets don't gap.  These pants have an invisible side zipper and a faced waistband.  The combination reduces bulk, which believe me, is a good thing for me.

Here are the pieces worn together.  I wasn't sure if I'd like the Poppy Red pants, but I really do! It's a colorful look to be sure.  I haven't worn it out of the house yet, but am anxious to see what the reaction is to this combination.  What do you think?   Honesty, please!

Happy Sewing!



  1. I love it! Colorful pants are one of my favorite things, and those are great. I really enjoy your sewing blog, I have not moved past skirts yet in garment sewing but you inspire me!

  2. That is so cheerful and gorgeous! Using five of those colours successfully in one outfit is a wonderful achievement :-)

  3. very pretty outfit, good luck in the contest.

  4. Thats gorgeous- so well thought out and your blouse hem is enviable!

  5. Fun, cheerful and yummy!
    My Threads magazine just arrived and I can't wait to read the article about you. Wow!!

  6. Oh, I love the colors in this outfit. I think you should definitely wear it out and about! ~Major Moma

  7. These are beautiful pieces you've made. They are really lovely and well fitted too.

  8. I really love the fabric for your blouse, the colors are lovely. And the pants are perfect. Great outfit!


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