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Vogue 8871 Knit Dress

Vogue 8871 is a new Vogue Very Easy dress pattern.  I gravitate towards these patterns, as they usually live up to their name, and sew up quickly and easily.  Spring is right around the corner, and I decided that I need some new Spring dresses to liven up my dreary winter wardrobe right now!  This looked like an all season dress- throw on some tights and a cardigan, and you can make it work for a cool March day, or wear it with sandals and you'll be set for a sunny May day.  

This one is a variation on a princess seam dress, with side pieces that can be cut on the opposite grain as the rest of the dress to give it a little more interest at the sides.  The pattern went together wonderfully, and fit great without any alterations.  But when I first tried it on, it wasn't flattering. I tend to look better with open necklines, so I lowered the neckline 4 inches in the front.  I added a belt to break it up at the waist, and am  happier with the end result. 

"Before" lowering neckline
I used a cotton knit from SewBaby that had a print with a definite direction, so that when I cut the side pieces, there would be a noticeable difference. It would be even more obvious with a striped knit, which might be fun to try sometime.

Close up of side sections.
The skirt has a really nice movement when you walk.  I only had enough fabric for the shorter version, view A, but I imagine that this movement would be even more noticeable for View B which is about 8 inches longer.   I did add 2 inches to the View A length,  and at 5'9", it hits me right at the knee. 

A very good pattern.  I do wish that they had included another neckline option, but that is easy enough to do on your own.  Anyone else making this one yet? 


  1. After seeing your dress, I have added it to my queue. What a great dress!

  2. I really like this. That pattern is really interesting with the side sections and the fabric works perfectly with it. It looks gorgeous on you! Perfect dress for spring!

  3. Very cute and I love the fabric. I just got this one in the mail. I plan to make the long sleeveless version for summer. I'll have to keep your point about the neckline in mind. A high neck is not for me either. Thank you.

  4. I love this! I have a similar Very Easy Vogue pattern, but the princess seams continue to the bottom (V8665). I think you made a good decision with the lower neckline. Looks great.

  5. I love how fresh this looks! The neckline adjustment is perfect, too.

  6. I think your changes to the neckline really improve the dress. I saw a knit dress just this weekend with the stripes going the opposite on the sides just like this dress is cut and wondered if there was a pattern out there for such a dress. And now I know! Thanks for the review. ~Major Moma

  7. This look really wonderful on you! What a great fabric choice.

  8. Its so cute, I have added to my list to sew.. fabric is perfect for your complexion.

  9. Your dress turned out great. Its amazing what a minor change like the neckline can do for a garment.


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