Pearlized Lambskin Skirt

3/15/13- Update:
Here are some photos of my denim version of this skirt that I made to make sure this pattern was going to work, before cutting into the expensive lambskin.  This was a stretch denim, so I cut the side seams about 1/2" smaller for a closer fit.  I also didn't line it.  I really love this pattern- Burda 01- 2011-137A.

 I did the topstitching in the classic gold and it shows up nicely.  Here's a back view of the vent and topstitching.

I bought 4 skins of this pearlized blue lambskin leather a few months ago from an online vendor, not knowing what to expect. It was absolutely stunning.  So soft and supple, you cannot imagine!  Each skin was $15 (half off!), so my leather cost alone was $60 for this, not including lining, zipper, thread, etc.  This is a lot for me- so I had to be picky about what I was going to make with it.
Burda Line Drawing -1-2011-137A
 . I knew that I wanted to make a skirt, but picking the perfect pattern for it was hard.  I wanted it fitted, but not too tight, pockets and lining were a must.  This skirt pattern is from Burda Magazine's January 2011 issue, design number 137A.  It's in the plus size section, so sorry, skinny-mini's, this jewel of a pattern is for us big gals!
Close up of pocket area.

I made two muslins before I made the final version- one from denim and one from a pleather..  The instructions were surprisingly awful for such a simple skirt, so I winged it most of the way.  I took pictures of the confusing part for anyone who would like to try this.
Close up of hem topstitching.
 To make the yoke/pocket area, first I sewed on the lining pocket bags.

Then I sewed the yoke to the skirt in the center.
Then, I flipped the yoke down, stitched the edges of the pockets together.  Lastly, I topstitched a small section to hold the pockets down.  I don't know if this is what Burda intended, as I really found their instructions to be confoundingly confusing!  But it worked, and the pockets are functional. I lined it completely, and there is a kickpleat in the back too.

I absolutely love it.  It is a little large, and I'm toying with whether I should try to take it in at the waist, or let it be.   With my weight fluctuating a lot lately, I'm leery of making it too small.  Being a navy blue, it goes with just about anything, so I'm sure that I'm going to get my $60 worth out of it!

If you are at all scared of sewing with leather, try sewing lambskin first.  It is very light, and easy to sew.  I got mine from, and they usually have an nice selection. 

Happy Sewing!



  1. Your skirt is stunning, great job.

  2. Love it! I've never worn a leather skirt, but I would totally wear one like yours....hmmm....

  3. This was well worth your $60 ... I bought some lovely lamb skin which I haven't made up yet (will get the courage soon).
    Your skirt is lovely.

  4. Retail, your skirt is worth hundreds.
    The style is great. Wear it with pride.

  5. Great job! Love the color. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of this one.

  6. How I love the skirt on you§§§ You did a fabulous job. Bravo!!

  7. What a stunning skirt and well worth the money! You've done a great job making this skirt and the style is the perfect :)


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