One Pattern, One Afternoon, 4 Looks!

I'm so excited- I think I just found my new go to TNT (Tried-n-True) pattern for a draped neck t-shirt!  The pattern is from the Fall/Winter issue of My Image magazine, style #1152.  A mere 3 pattern pieces, and a Saturday afternoon sewing time, and I was able to whip up 4 completely different looks. 
Version #1- work top
My one tip with this pattern- eliminate the back neck facing- you don't need it!  Just turn under 1/2" and topstitch in place.  

The first is a  work look- I used a poly/lycra jersey knit in a crazy black, cream and red animal print.   This one went together so well, and fit so perfectly, that as soon as I was done, I said, "okay, what else can I make from this pattern?"

Version #2 Casual top with jeans

  So, my next version is more casual- it's a grey and white geometric rayon lycra knit that I thought I could wear with my grey jeans.  Again, my growing addiction to this pattern left me hungry for more!  So, I thought "Hmmm...let's try some completely different fabric...."

Version #3- Short dress with leggings.
Which is where this one version came in.  I'm going to call this one my "blue giraffe" dress,as the print looks like a giraffe skin, but of course, in blue.  This one is a thick, heavy double knit, that will be so warm in the winter.  I lengthened the pattern 15 inches to get above the knee length to wear with tights or leggings.

I still was riding high from 3 good rolls of the dice, so I thought I would really play a wild card on the next version.

Version #4- Dressy Party Top!

Which is where this last top came in.  This is a sequined mesh knit- very little stretch, so I made the seam allowances just 1/4 inch.  I LOVE this one!  It will be perfect for holiday parties!

The sequins are hard to photograph, so Elise, my photographer, took a video to catch how the sequins light up when I move.

And the best part of this- the fabric was part of a FREE mystery bundle from Fabric Mart!  As I always say, you can't beat FREE!

I stopped here, but I swear that the possibilities for this pattern are endless.  It went together so easily, and fits so nicely, that I can see making this for holiday gifts, with short sleeves for spring, and sleeveless for summer. 

You can still buy this issue here!  It is absolutely worth it even if all you make is this one pattern!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! Did I over do it using the "four" theme? Now I must try that pattern and yay, they have smaller sizes on some patterns in this issue - thanks My Image!

  2. That's fabulous! I love every single one of them!

  3. Wow, great wardrobe boosting afternoon! Love all of your looks.

  4. Very nice! It must be amazingly satisfying to have 4 great looks in one afternoon!

  5. What great tops. I really love the sequins. I am also thrilled to find your blog and put a face with the company name. The last time I ordered patterns, I noticed the return address. I actually thought my dad was sending me something since I was born and raised in Rantoul and then moved to Urbana when I went to U of I. My dad lived in Champaign, so you can see my confusion.

  6. I love all your versons of this top. I actually got the red, black and cream fabric in a free bundle from Fabric Mart and was not sure how it would look made up. It looks fab! The sequined top is perfect for holiday parties and get togethers.


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