My Dear Watson- It's a Cape!

I'm giving a nod to Sherlock Holmes' style in my latest sewing escapade.  This plaid wool cape is for a friend of mine who is preparing for a life of excitement and adventure.  She is expecting a baby in late January: the COLDEST time of the year in Illinois!  Coats are my specialty, but I wanted to make something non-maternity, that she could continue to wear anytime after the baby is born. So, voila, a CAPE came to mind!  I've never owned or made a cape before, so this was a journey into the unknown for me.  Here is my pattern review for Simplicity 2285 that I posted on

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, but the pocket area is a little tricky and you have to think through that. When I was making it, I forgot that I was making a cape, not a coat, and was thinking "These are the craziest pocket instructions I've ever seen!!! How did these ever get approved!!!!". Then I realized that the pockets are accessible from the INSIDE of the coat, AND that the same opening is used to put your hands through to get to the outside.
Inside pocket with opening to front for arms.
Close-up of gun flaps and buttons.
back pleat detail
Fabric Used: A Woolrich wool plaid in burgundy, plum and grey. I bought it on Ebay- 2-1/2 yards for $17!  I also found the buttons on Ebay. They were definitely vintage- still on the cards, and I was so happy because I got them for a fraction of what new buttons would have cost, PLUS they are THE perfect color!
front welt pocket detail
Cape on hanger
Would you sew it again?  Yes, I think that I would like to make one for myself, now that I've figured out the ins and outs of this pattern. They say that capes are "In" this year. I have yet to see that in central Illinois, but me and my pregnant friend may be the first.


  1. Beautiful cape, what a nice thing to do for your friend.

  2. I'm trying to think of an excuse to make myself a cape--they look like fun!

  3. Oh, I just LOVE capes! and it is SO perfect for a "lady with child"..........Your workmanship is exquisite!
    Grandmother Carolyn

  4. Thank you for this description, I find your blog an inspiration for sewing for oneself after a 35 hiatus. Clear description of the patterns and challenges are shared and helpful.

  5. Awesome cape. I am a new blog follower and also follow on facebook and Twitter.

  6. I love this cape. I love the fabric you used on this. Such a lucky friend!!! As above I'm also a blog follower and also follow on facebook.

  7. Capes are awesome! Love the plaid, too. I have five capes, wore them all while pregnant and afterwards). You can even sneak a baby in a sling inside one, if you leave the top buttons open. What a lovely gift!

  8. What a beautiful cape. Since I live in Florida I have little need for a cape. Maybe this is the final push I need to move to TN where my daughter and grandchildren live, the need to make a beautiful cape:)

  9. At the same time I will have a baby boy!

  10. I love the cape you made. My step daughter just got home from NY, we live in the south. She said EVERYONE had capes on. I have this pattern and several others. I am making everyone a cape for Christmas presents. There is not much fitting issues involved. I am using fabric I have in my stash. Thanks for sharing your version.


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